S.E.O(search engine optimization)

                     SEO(search engine optimization)

S.E.O(search engine optimization)- search engine optimization is process in which when someone search for any information it display the relevant content & informations on screen.if your website has the relevant content for the people who are searching for that particular keywords then it will display by the search engine.

SEO(search engine optimization) is a free process through which we can get free organic traffic for your blog or website it is a long process & its take time if you want to rank your website or blog on google then you need to do proper seo of your blog you need to consider all other factors also to rank your website like use of proper keywords, website loading speed, images optimization, domain authority, on page & off page seo etc.

Types of SEO(search engine optimization)

white hat seo- in this type of seo we try to rank website in right way by following google search console guidelines then it is know as white hat seo

black hat seo- when someone try to rank website in wrong way & does not follow google search console guidelines then it is know as black hat seo

gray hat seo- when someone try to rank website with less content & follow google search console guidelines then it is know as gray hat seo

basically seo is on page & off page seo

on page seo(search engine optimization)- to rank your website on search engine you need to do proper on page seo.
on page seo means you need to use proper keywords, do images optimization, meta description, title, etc.

off page seo(search engine optimization)- off page seo is also important & plays major role in ranking of your website off page seo includes backlinks, guest posts etc.

Total three steps for indexing your website on Google search engine.

1) verify your website on Google search console. go to ➤google search console

2) submit sitemap of your website in . XML

3) fetch as Google. This is generally used to show how your website will be appear on Google search engine.

By performing this three steps you can submit your website to Google search engine.

to know more about seo & how to submit your website in search engine read how to submit website to search engine & how to rank website on search engine

For better improvement of our websites we should  always use tools which are given below.

Google keywords planeer(free)- for finding different keywords for your website which is most important.

Google search console(free)- used for improving website presence as it show the error which a websites have during indexing website when the crawl happens. By removing error we can easily improve the presence of website.google search console is formely known as webmaster tool.

Google my business(free)- it is used for knowing the market.

Local listing by Google- this are used for local listing your business online.

Web analytics(free)- this type of tools are used for informations like page views, geographical​ area, interaction of visitor in your website,
And many more. google analytics

canva.com(free)- for creating feature images for your blog for free.

compressor.io(free)- to compress image.

grammarly(free)- to check your grammer mistakes.

smallseotool.com(free)- to check domain authority, site speed, backlink check, to check whether the content is copyright or not etc.

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