Blogging Faq(frequently asked questions)

here are some frequently asked questions about blogging

➤what is a blog??
blog is your personal website in which you write regular content  about the niche which you have selected. blogging means to share your knowledge in which you are good in the blog may be of different types Ex: cooking blog, fashion blog, technical blog, educational blog, travelling blog etc.

➤how to buy hosting??
there are different hosting provider from where you can buy hosting & domain both like godaddy, hostgator, bluehost etc.

➤how to earn from my blog??
if your blog is having good traffic then you can earn by connecting your blog with google adsense by placing ads on your blog you can start earning from your blog also you can earn from affiliate marketing.

➤which topic or niche should i select for blogging??
you should select the topic in which you are more passionate about it may be technical, fashion, cooking, education etc.

➤what is keywords??
keywords are generally long tail & short tail keywords. ex: best dance classes from where i can learn dancing(long tail keywords)  best dance class(short tail keywords).
keywords are very important from Seo(search engine optimization) point of view.

➤which blogging platform is good??
there are different platforms from where you can start blogging but the most use platforms which many people use is wordpress for that you need to buy own hosting & domain & after that with single click you can install wordpress. if you are beginners then you can also use

➤is there any alternative of google adsense??
as google adsense is trusted way to earn money online by placing ads on your blog you can earn money but if you not get approve for your blog for google adsense then you can also try which is also good to earn money but you must have more traffic from US & uk.

➤what are others way to earn money from your blog??
the other way to earn money from your blog is through affiliate marketing.

➤how to submit your blog in search engine??
you need to go to google search console to submit your blog in google search engine its simple process.

➤who can do blogging??
anyone who had good knowledge in particular field can start blogging.

➤how to know whether your website is on google or not??
the best way to know that your website is on google or not is go to google chrome & just type

➤how to get royalty free images for your blog??
there are lots of website from where you can download  copyright free images like, etc. you can also make feature images for your blog using

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