Which topic will be best for new blogger

Hello there, before starting a blog the most important thing is to decide a topic that is niche for your blog. and if you are a beginner then you must select a nice topic on which you can write more & more, also you must select a topic which people are searching more. 


Hey friends, I'm Jiten. I am blogging since 2 years & In this blog post i will discuss some topics which will be best for new bloggers.,as writing content is not an easy task; you need to do lot of research before write a new blog post & have to create content which solves people problems & which adds values to their life.

How you will decide a topic?? which topic will be best?? how to find most searchable topic?? this are some questions which a new bloggers have in their mind before starting a blog & i am going to answer above questions & after reading this blog post your mind will be clear & you will be able to decide which topic you should go with.

So lets discuss about which topic will be best for you. i will break down this in steps. so that you will able to understand it easily.

Step-1- just think in your mind, what you like most & what type of knowledge you have so that which can help others.ask yourself this 3 questions??

1) can i write more about this topic??
2) who will be my targeted audience??
3) does my content will help others & does people are searching about it??

the above 3 question will make you clear which topic you should go with.

Step-2- after that just use keywords research tools to know the volume, competition, cpc etc. of that topic. for example you decided to start a blog on "blogging"topic, then just go to any free keywords research tools &  search for blogging 

Now you will get to know about this topic competition, volume & also cpc. 

Some of the free keywords research tools are ubbersuggestion chrome extension, answer the public,, google keywords plannner etc.

Step 2 will help you to know about the topic opportunity.

Step-3) now after doing above 2 steps, just think that does you can write about it more & more?? 
if you think that the topic which you decided has a broad search then go with it & if you think that you can't able to write more about that topic then go with multiple niche. that is for example blogging+make money online. this way you can also go with multiple niche but don't go with more then 2 topic in same blog as it will not only confuse your audience but also will confuse search engine. 

Step-4) after doing the above steps just go with that topic without thinking anymore. 

Now its time to decide a blogging platform. there are various free blogging platforms on which you can Create a blog for free, some of the free blogging platforms are,,,, etc

If you have some investment then you can buy your own domain & hosting and can install wordpress. Here i am talking about which is a free software which you can install after buying your Own domain & hosting.

But what if you are very confuse & does not able to decide a topic for your blog than for that i have a solution. below are some topics which you can go with & they are profitable topics.

➡️Educational blog- you can start an educational blog, if you have any kind of knowledge in any Profession it may be science, technology, teaching either you are a engineer, graduate or in any field Than you can start your blog according to your profession also. as people are searching more about to Get knowledge & information related to education, this type of topic is a profitable topic.

➡️Techblog- are you a person who like to guide other & have some technology related knowlege then you Can start a techblog. this types of blog are more popular & people are also searching lot about Technology related topic on internet.

➡️Product review blog- whenever you want to buy any product or services what you do?? just you go to Google and search for the review & you get different articles related to that products review & which Has a broad search. this type of topic is profitable & is searchable. you can start a blog on this topic Also.

➡️Travelling blog- whenever you plan to go to a place or want to know about some places?? what you do, You go and search for that place on google & you get different results & articles. this topic can bring You a lot of traffic to your blog & you can start such type of blog also. 

➡️Health& fitness blog- nowadays people search more about health & fitness, if you have knowledge About this topic than you can start such type of blog also & it is most profitable topic which people Keep searching on internet. 

➡️Digital marketing blog- if you have a good knowledge & experience in digital marketing then you can Start an digital marketing blog & can get a lot of traffic to your blog as people are willing to learn such Type of skills & it is more popular skill nowadays. 

Above are some topics on which you can start your blog & can earn good source of income from your Blog.

So friends I hope that this information about which topic will be best for new blogger had helped you. 

If you have any question or queries than you can ask me through comment box. 

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Which are most profitable niche??
Its totally depend on you which topic you select & i recommend you to go with such topic on which you can write more & more and along with this also look at the topic searches. 

Who can start a blog??
Anyone with a good knowledge in any particular field can start a blog. 

Which topic people search more?? 
To know about searches of the topic you can use any keywords research & many other tools  as i have discuss above in this article.

Which topic will be best for new blogger??
Y-ou can read my above article and which will make you clear about how to select a new topic as an beginner.

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