How to grow business online

    best ways to grow business online 


Hey want to know how you can grow your business online so you are at the right place as you all know that how important it is to grow business online as most of work today has become online so online presence is very important for any business as you can grow your business fast with online marketing.

how to grow business online

By bringing your business online you can reach to more people and can target right audience which is cost-effective you can get good ROI(return on investment) by doing proper marketing online.
I have written this blog post in depth and in simple words so that all can understand it easily.

So what you all will get to learn from this blog post below are some points which I will be covering in this blog post one of which is very important to grow your business online that is content marketing.

How to grow business online is most important for business owner or seller who are willing to grow their business online.

 digital marketing is the best way to grow any business online.

➡️Content marketing

➡️Social media marketing

➡️Seo(search engine optimization)

➡️Sem( search engine marketing)

➡️e-mail marketing

➡️video marketing etc.

above are some topics which I will be discussing which are a parts of digital marketing and can help to grow your business online.

The best way to grow business online is by doing content marketing that is by creating content for your business and then doing marketing of that content online.

what is content marketing

So I will be discussing content marketing in depth so that you all can understand it easily and can know more about

what is content marketing.

➡️Content marketing has become a best way for any business or services as it not only helps to build a trust but also helps customers to know more about your business, products or services.

Most of business nowadays are using content for their business as it is truly said that content is the king!! Most of the business are getting a good results as it build trust to customers and we can also target right audience & can generate leads. Good quality content attracts more visitors.

When you want to sell any product or services first you need to tell customers about that product means you need to discuss about that product how it will be useful to customers what are benefits of that product and along with it how to use that product all this information helps customers to know more about your products through which the chance of selling increases and when you share this information in the form of content and further do marketing through content then it is known as content marketing.

➡️The purpose of content may be different some may share content to help others as suppose if you have good knowledge in blogging then you share it on your blog & when people read it they get more knowledge which help them and also solves people problem & some one if share content related to their services or products their purpose is for generating more leads to convert more customers.

As I have already discuss that content are of various types like text content, video content, audio content, infographics etc. writing a good quality content can attract more visitors to your website and it can also increase the chances of ranking in google for that you need to also do proper Seo(search engine optimization) of your website.

So lets understand in depth about what is content marketing

There are lots of examples of content marketing as most of business are using content marketing for generating leads and also they are becoming successful by doing content marketing.
When we talk about content what comes in your mind it may be blogging, writing articles, instagram posts, e-book etc.

Content marketing is made by joining two words content+marketing that means when we do marketing of our content on various platforms and try to target right audience through content then it is known as content marketing.

➡️Lets understand it by an example: if you want to buy anything or you have any query related to that product you search it on google and through which you get to know more about that product through articles which are highly ranked and also it solves query and make you more clear about the product or services which you are looking for there are many business which have publish high quality content and are highly ranked on google they have make content through which more people can know more about their business which build trust and also attracts more visitors and further that visitors converts into regular customers.

Lets understand with another example: I will tell you my own experience as i was looking for free course on digital marketing basics I searched it in google there I found different websites when I searched there I visited one website their I just leaved a query and it was my mail id and query then I came out of that website as I was not sure that it is good website or not for free digital marketing basic course then suddenly a mail come to my e-mail id there was a mail about scope in digital marketing by same website which I have visited it was in depth article about scope in digital 
marketing I read that article and after reading full article I again visited that website and saw some review of people but I was not sure so again I came out of that website and after some seconds the another mail has come which was the testimonial & some reviews of people about that free course then I again visited that website and after reading reviews & full article I finally signup for that free course that means with the help of content I get to know more about that free course and which maked me more confident.

Which means content plays a major role in targeting right audience and with good quality content we can target more people and can convert them into customer by doing proper marketing of content we can reach to more customers.

Content marketing plays a major role for generating leads for any business by writing a high quality content and problem solving content can help any business to grow fast and reach targeted audience.
Content marketing  is a part of digital marketing through which we do marketing of our content on various platforms both by free & paid way and target the right customers.

➡️How to do content marketing- to do content marketing you can create your own blog or website its very easy to create your own blog you can also create free blog using free blogging platforms or can buy your own hosting and domain and can create it easily if you have a business then you can write different blog post related to your business and can target right audience and further can convert that audience to regular customers.

As I have already discuss above about how people grow their business using content marketing and most of business use content to target right audience.

➡️Content creation is not an easy task as it requires in depth knowledge of that topic or information and along with this you need to create high quality content which attracts more visitors.

After creating content you need to promote that content means you need to do marketing of that content you can do marketing of content on various platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, on google and on other platforms you can also do paid marketing by running a campaign & advertising on google, facebook, instagram etc.

To do marketing of your content you need an blog or your own website on which you can publish different blog post related to your business or services.

You can share your blog on different platforms to reach more customers which are free and paid both.
You can do Seo(search engine optimization) for your blog to rank higher in search engine and can reach to more people.

You can also do Sem(search engine marketing) for your blog which is a paid way to bring traffic to your blog means you need to run a campaign and can set a budget according to your requirement for that you need to pay to google you can run campaign by using tool ads.google.com

You can collect e-mail of people visiting to your blog by adding subscribe us widget or plugin in your website and can do marketing of your content.

To make your content more visualize you can use infographics, images, videos,graph etc. so that more people can attract.

➡️Before writing content you need to do proper research and need to understand about your audience which you will target.If you are creating a blog then you need to be consistent & have to update the blog regularly.

➡️Free Tools for content marketing-

Canva- this tool is used to create feature images or infographics for your blog it’s a free tool you can also upgrade it.

Trello- this tool is used for project management & task management

Grammarly- this tool is used for correcting the grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes its free tool which you can use it has chrome extension.

hubspot blog topic generator- you can use this tool to generate free topic for your blog.

infogram- this tool is used for creating infographics, graphs, charts etc.

mail chimp- this tool is used for e-mail marketing which can be helpful for promoting content it is a free tool.

 Buffer- this is the best tool as you can schedule your blog post & can share on instagram, twitter,facebook etc.you can manage social media accounts using this tool.

Pixabay- this website is used for downloading free images for your website or blog.

Small seo tool- this tool is used for many purpose and it is free you can also check your content is unique or not.

how to do social media marketing

Social media marketing

when we talk about social media marketing it is a paid marketing means we need to pay for generating leads and getting more customers.

this is I think a best way to grow business online as you can target right audience we all use social media platforms and we are familiar with it as social media has become a great source of knowledge and also you can promote your business on different social media platforms like facebook, instagram,twitter,pinterest etc.

Nowadays people are more active on instagram so its best way of promoting any business and you can target right audience.

According to me social media marketing is best way of marketing to grow your business online in less time.I will be discussing in depth about social media marketing in another post so lets move ahead to another point that is seo(search engine optimization)

What is seo??

➡️Seo means search engine optimization which means we optimize blog or website in a such way that it will rank higher in search engine there are more then 200+ factors which are involved in ranking of any website or blog by google.

Seo(search engine optimization) is a free process through which we can generate good leads and can bring more customers to our website.

Seo can help to grow your business but it is a long process which takes time.You need to create your own blog or website and by writing high quality content and doing proper seo of your blog  you can reach to more audience.

The main part of seo is on page & off page seo.

On page includes meta description, title, keywords,high quality content,images etc.
Off page seo includes backlinks, guestpost, sponsored posts etc.

Along with this there are lots of factors which are involved in ranking of website or blog like D.A(domain authority), page authority, website structure, website loading speed etc.

Sem(search engine marketing)- it is a paid marketing means you need to run campaign for that you need to pay to google the best tool that is ads.google.com through which you can run campaign the campaign are of various types such as search campaign, video campaign, app campaign,shopping campaign,display campaign.

It is also known as ppc(pay per click) that is when some one click on your link you need to pay for that click it is paid marketing you can also set budget for your campaign.

By doing Sem(search engine marketing) of your blog or website you can reach to more targeted audience in less time.

You have observed when you search for any query on google the various results are display on top results are some paid results which are showing ads which is Sem they are paid results and the others results which are display below are organic search which is Seo.

➡️Want to know more about Sem I will create separate post for it where I will explain you in depth about  how you can do Sem for your blog.

want to know how you can sell products online then you can also  read how to sell products online

E-mail marketing

 this is the best and easy way to promote your business online as its does not require to much technical knowledge you can use different paid & free tools to manage your e-mails marketing

When you do marketing through e-mail then it is known as e-mail marketing you have observe that there are different e-mail coming in your mail box it comes because you have  subscribe to some websites or other services as you allow them to send message to your inbox it is nothing but just an e-mail marketing.

Some people thinks that e-mail marketing not works but it is wrong most of business today are using e-mail marketing to grow their business and they are achieving a great result by doing e-mail marketing.

There are many tools which are used for e-mail marketing one of which is a free tool that is mailchimp.

When you visit any website you have observe that there is a subscribe us widget or an push notification comes when you open that site it is they tell you to subscribe to their blog so that you will receive regular updates of new blog post in your inbox that is e-mail marketing.

When you subscribe they collect your e-mail through their website and further they send you e-mail on when ever they publish new content or want to show you their different services through it and this way they grow their business using e-mail marketing.

So according to me e-mail marketing is a best and easy way to grow your business online.

Through e-mail you can also ask for feedback from your customers about your services or business which also build trust and the customers become familiar with your business.

There are also paid tools for e-mail marketing like aweber.

how to do video marketing

Video marketing

 ➡️marketing of your business or services through video is best way to grow your business online as people like to see more videos and it is easy for them to consume any information through video.

➡️Nowadays videos are the best way to promote any business as it is more visualize and people like it
To do video marketing you can open your own YouTube channel and can start making videos related to your business and can target right audience  as to create YouTube channel we does not need to pay anything it is free so what you are waiting for just go and create your own YouTube channel and start creating content related to your business so that more people can aware of your business or services.
You can also promote your YouTube video through ads.google.com you can create campaign and can promote it on YouTube for that you need to pay.

➡️Only creating video will not grow your YouTube channel but creating high quality video can help to grow your YouTube channel fast and along with this there are also other factors which are involved in ranking of video that is proper keywords use, proper title, description, video quality etc.
It takes time to grow YouTube channel you need to be keep patience and regularly upload new videos.

Final words- to grow business online you need to create proper strategy and along with this you need to do proper marketing it’s very important to know about your audience what they like and what they are expecting from your business for that you can use google analytics tool which gives you in depth knowledge about your audience. To grow your business online you need to also look at your competitor.

So friends did you like this blog post where I have explained different ways of marketing of business or services online if you like this blog post then also share it with your friends as sharing is caring.

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