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Hello guys!! Are you a person who likes to write?? But when it comes to content writing it is very different as it is not only writing but something more than that.

first you need to understand about what is content writing. You all are being aware of writing  assignment in college & even exam paper. But when it comes to content writing online, it is not an easy task as it requires detailed understanding of content writing format & about what is your goal to write content. it may be awareness of any business, it may be to educate the audience or it may be brand awareness etc.

if you are writing content online then you should consider some below points

1) title
2) content heading
3) introduction
4) table of content
5) subtopics
6) symbol & arrows
7)  keywords
8)  use of bold & underline
9) use of images
10)  conclusion etc.

So friends what you all will get to learn from this post??

table of content 

Friends whatever I have discuss in this entire blog post is through my own experience & knowledge and after some research I have written this entire post in simple & easy language so that anyone can understand it.

what is exaclty content writing

➤What is exactly content writing

content are of various types it may be in video form, text form, voice etc. here we will discuss in details about what is content writing.

As you have observed that people search on google for their solution & queries they type different keywords; so Your content must be problem solving which solves the people problem and add values to their life.

Some of people enjoy writing,while writing is an hobby for some people.

If you have a good knowledge of a particular topic then you can easily write more about it.
 but only writing a long content is not so important but your content should have quality,means it must be engaging, entertaining & attractive content so that people will keep reading it till the end.

Lets understand it by an example: suppose if you have a good knowledge in a particular field then you started writing about it if you used a long paragraph to explain & doesn’t use any bullets, bold, fonts, table of content, proper heading etc. then the less people will read it till the end as it doesn’t look attractive and properly structured content.

 if you add some bullets like arrow, proper fonts, proper heading, title, short paragraph, engaging content it will look more professional & also more visitors will get engage with it that will make a more sense.

So only writing a content is not enough but to write it in more better way & by using images, fonts,short paragraph, table of content, conclusion, attractive content will look more better isn’t it.

As before the content was written by people offline but with time most of the work today has become online the use of content is done online for various purpose.

If possible then you should also includes some examples, use of graph, demos etc. so that it would be easy to understand the content.

everyone has differents styles of writing some may sum up it in less words while some may write more words content it’s not so much important but the content should have quality & must be engaging.

Its depend on what type of content you are going to write as an content writer you should provide a right information to your audience or customers.

As I have discuss that it is not a easy task especially when it comes to write content online as you have to also keep in mind about seo point of view wait!! What is this seo?? Seo means search engine optimization as to rank post or content in google you need to do proper seo.

 your content should be seo friendly. it should be in such a way that can be understand by search engine,If you are writing a content to promote your business or to sale products or services to your customers then you should first educate customers about that products or services by writing a quality and engaging content which add values to their life.

The Content must be more engaging & attractive so that it can convert your audience to regular customers.

➤How to write content which engage more

to write more engaging content you need to understand first about your audience which you will target. you should write a detailed content which includes lots of information & knowledge about that particular topic.

The below are some points which you should keep in mind before writing content online.

It should include proper h1, h2,.. tags, table of content, short paragraph, proper use of font, long & attractive article, user friendly content, proper content format, proper use of keywords in article as it is necessary from seo point of view, conclusion etc.Means it should be well structured content

Content writing is also a dream for many people as it is the best way to share your knowledge & experience to other people so it may help them & add values to their life.

While writing content you should think more about your audience what they like & what they expect from your content it should add value to their life.

Your content should be attractive so that people will read it till the end.

The content should be easy to understand & simple. it should not create confusion for ex: if someone is writing about blogging then he should stick with that topic,he should not talk about other thing like online shopping etc.

As it is said that content is the king! yes its right as content which is of high quality matters a lot.

Only writing a long paragraph with no meaning does not create any sense. but creating content which is of high quality and attractive matters a lot.

In order to write engaging content you need to consider a lots of factors like content format, writing style, content purpose, target audience, unique content etc. 

If you want to publish content online then you need to optimize your content as it is necessary from seo(search engine optimization) point of view you should consider different factors to rank your content on google search engine.

who are content writer 

➤Who are content writer

you have seen many bloggers who write content online & publish it through various blogging platform. A person who is professionally specialized in writing content is known as content writer.

Hence content writer are those who write content.

You have heard about content marketing which is a part of digital marketing as writing content & doing marketing through that content is known as content marketing.

Language doesn’t matters if you are from india then you can also write content in hindi, Maratha, hinglish, English etc.

As the time has change most of the work has become digital,h the way of content writing  is also change with time to time as most of people write online content and earns good money from it. there are many bloggers who publish their article daily online.

You have heard about authors who write books & also in this digital era people write e-books & share their knowledge & experience in e-book and earns good money from it.

There are many people who works as a content writer in reputed company and write for them. they have good salary. Some of people also work as freelancer and earns a good income through content writing.

Want to know what is the salary of a content writer?? Its depend on the experience what you have if you are fresher then it may start from 15k-20k & if you have experience then it may be 50k or more it may vary.

Also freelancer earns a good income from content writing.
Content writing is an art of writing content in such a way that converts audience into customers.

content writing tips 

➤Content writing tips for beginner 

Are you a beginner and want to know about some tips about how to write content from starting till the end then read below some points which are very important before writing any content online.

1      ⟾Research- before writing content research about it and make some important points which you will discuss in entire post. You should write long content so that you can beat your competitor.

Research more and more and also use your experience & knowledge don’t copy another’s content. Try to make your own fresh content which will attract more visitors.

2      ⟾ Short paragraph- using a long paragraph in article may bored the audience and they will not read it till the end so always try to write article in short paragraph break the entire article in short paragraphs and always use bullets like arrow, no etc.

3     ⟾Use images- to attract more visitors to your article you can use creative images related to content so that the visitor will remain engage and also from seo point of view it is also important you can use alt image.

4    ⟾   Always use h1- if you use h1 that is heading of the entire post that is main from seo point of view as its give signal to search engine & it become easy for search engine like google, bing to understand the entire content in the article so always use h1 tag basically the heading is most important it as h1,h2.. for example in this blog post the heading is “what is content writing” that is main heading which I will put it h1 so that google search engine can understand it in a better way.

5      ⟾Unique & creative content- you should always try to write unique & creative content so that more people can engage & it will also help in ranking your article in search engine like google, Bing etc. don’t copy and use content create your own unique content.

           ⟾Use different tools- you can use different tools to analyze you content. To know whether your content is unique or not you can use smallseotool.com there you can check about the uniqueness of your article by going to plagiarism tool is smallseotool.
         ⟾ read more articles- there are lots of article available online you can read them and can learn from them see their articles and try to learn from them see their writing styles & about the structure of their article.

 ⟾Edit- after writing all content the last part comes of editing here you just have to look to your entire content 2-3 times so if there is any error you can improve it like spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes etc.

If you are just starting then I recommend you to create your own blog. there are lots of blogging platform from where you can start writing some of platform are free they provide you free hosting & subdomain & start writing  then what will happen through it is you will get to know about the different styles of writing & through regular writing you can improve your way of writing.

still confuse from where to start just read  blogging for beginners

I hope this content which I have written about what is content writing have answered the question which you where looking for so keep writing & all the best!

i will keep updating blog post & also my next blog post will be in depth about content marketing and tools that are helpful for writing content.

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to write a good quality content you need to keep practicing it & the very first step is that you need to start don’t think more & more just start it and keep learning it by your own. you will find that you are improving day by day so go and create content which you are good in and make yourself better day by day.

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