what is the meaning of blogger

meaning of blogger

Do you know what is meaning of blogger?? & who are bloggers?? how bloggers earn &  how to become a blogger.

so friends in this blog post i will discuss the answer of above questions & we will also learn about blogging.

at the end of this post you will get to learn about.

meaning of blogger
meaning of blogging
who are bloggers
steps which are included in creating blog
how bloggers earn 

blogger are generally those who write blogs in simple words they are content writer.

blogger creates content & share this content online with the help of different blogging platforms.

generally who writes content or blog are know as blogger. so friends lets discuss in detail about what is the meaning of blogger.

blogger writes blog in form of different blog post generally blog is your personal website where you write regular content in the form of different blog posts.

meaning of blogger

anyone who has a good knowledge & experience in any field it may be cooking blog, personal blog, business blog, travelling blog, fashion blog, educational blog, tips sharing blog etc. can start a blog & can become a blogger. if you have good traffic to your blog then you can start earning from your blog but wait how you will get traffic to your blog?? that is another question which we will discuss next time in another blog post.

who are blogger 

bloggers are those who share their knowledge or any information in a particular field in which they are good in they share information & their experience in the content form in their blog.

after writing a blog post the blogger publish this blog post online as i have discuss above there are different blogging platforms from where we can start blogging  some blogging platforms are free while some are paid blogging platform means to create a blog you need to purchase hosting & domain.

 some blogging platforms provide free hosting & subdomain ex: blogger.com, wordpress.com, tumblr etc

you can create a free blog but remember that with free blog you do not have full control over your content. the content may be remove anytime due to different reasons so to start blogging you should atleast buy your own domain if you can invest little more then you should also buy hosting.

it is easy to buy hosting & domain you can buy hosting from different hosting provider like bluehost, hostgator, godaddy etc.

before moving ahead first lets discuss about what is domain & hosting??

domain & hosting are a part of website without it you can't create a website or blog.

domain- domain is your blog address its just like your home address generally domain are of different extension like .com, .in, co.in, .net etc.

.com is high level domain  for example my domain name is www.godgitallyonline.com  you can buy domain of your choice & on the availability you can buy it. 

hosting- it is space or storage in which your blog files, images & other data are stored it is the server.
hosting are of different types- shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting.

to start a blog you need to consider some factors & have to do a lot of research.

steps to create a blog

steps which are included in creating blog

1) domain & hosting

2) blogging platforms ( wordpress, blogger etc)

3)keyword research

4) blog basic setting

6) blog seo(search engine optimization)

domain & hosting- the first thing is to buy domain & hosting to create your blog you can buy hosting from different hosting provider like bluehost.com, hosgator.com, godaddy, reseller club, siteground etc after buying hosting & domain you can easily set up your blog by installing wordpress with single click from c-panel in hosting. its easy to do setup. wordpress is best blogging platform from where you can start blogging.

blogging platforms- to do blogging you need to select a blogging platform if you are beginner & don't want to spend money on buying your hosting & domain then you can go with blogger.com as its provide you free hosting & also provide free submain blogspot.com ex if you dont buy domain blogger provides free subdomain like www.yourblog.blogspot.com  but you can buy your domain if you want & can connect it with blogger. to know more about step by step instruction on how to create blog using blogger.com you can read how to create free blog on blogger

you can also create blog using wordpress which is based onCMS(content management system) as wordpress is used by many blogger & it is best platform as it has large no of themes & plugins which you can use to create sucessfull blog.

to know more about wordpress,blogger & other blogging platform you can also read different blogging platforms from where you can start blogging.

keywords research- after selecting blogging platfrom & and setup of blog you need to do proper keywords research as before creating blog post you need to find keywords you can use different keywords research tools to find keywords to know more about what are keywords & which are keywords tool you can read how to do keywords research

blog basic setting- after that you need to do proper blog setting like meta description, description, themes, alt text, plugins & widgets setup etc. to know more about basic setting in blogger read this basic setting in blogger

blog seo- it is very necessary to do blog seo as to get traffic to your blog you need to do proper seo of your blog seo means (search engine optimization) which is a free process but it takes time also if you want to get traffic to your blog you can also do SEM(search engine marketing) it is a paid but fast process to rank blog on search engine for that you need to pay to google  you can go to ads.google.com or adword tool to run campaign to know more about what is SEO & SEM  you can also read SEO VS SEM

the above are some steps through which you can create a blog easily in simple way.

so friends meaning of blogger is simple the person who do blogging is know as blogger.

anyone with a good knowledge can be blogger even he or she can become a full time blogger & can start their career in blogging as the bloggers are increasing day by day the opportunities in blogging is increasing and also their is competition  in this field.

you can also do blogging as part time without leaving your job.

many bloggers start blogging for earning purpose but they fail & quit blogging as the blogging is not so easy you need to put regular content & high quality content to rank your blog in search engine.
you need to consider all factors.

blogging means not only to write but to write good quality content the quantity is not so important but good quality content is important the people should get the solution of problem or answer of question which they are searching  in search engine so always try to create good quality & detailed blog post that will help people.

 how bloggers earn??

meaning of blogger is not only blogging but they also earn from their blog.

the easy way to earn from blog is through google adsense as it is most trusted but it is not so easy to get google adsense approved as you have to consider lots of factors before applying your blog for google adsense. but if you have good traffic & your blog is properly design means it is seo friendly blog then you can get adsense approval easily & you can start earning from your blog.
you can also apply for different ads networks like media.net any many more networks

the another way to earn from your blog is through affiliate marketing you can use affiliate links in your blog by joining various affiliate program.

along with this there are also various ways through which you can earn money from your blog that we will discuss in details in another blog post.

we can easily start blogging from home their is lot of knowledge available on internet about blogging.

so friends did you like the blog post about the meaning of blogger if yes then share it with your friends & also comments us regarding this blog post.

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