What is hsc full form                                                   

do you want to know what is hsc full form?? what exactly hsc means?? what is hsc
meaning &  what are career after hsc?? 

so friends in this blog post i will discuss the full form of hsc and also what next after hsc or 12th.

hsc full form

 after completing 10th or ssc(secondary school certificate) there are different options which field you can select it is divided as commerce stream, science stream & arts stream
mainly science stream involves pcm(physics, chemistry, maths) or there you can also select biology according to your interest.

What is hsc full form

friends hsc full form is higher secondary certificate or you can say higher secondary school certificate which many of us say it as 12th standard & in roman it is written as something like this XII

after completing 10+2 which is 12th standard students are very confuse as what next after 12th if you are of commerce stream  then there are lots of options in it but if you have selected science stream after 10th standard then there are less option as compare to commerce stream.

so what next after 12th?? its all depend on your interest what you want to be as it will decide your future and if you are a student and have completed 12th either it is from commerce stream or science you should take a right decision & also you should think of it very seriously as it will decide your future please don't run after your friends or what other people say you should do what is right for you based on your interest so that further you can be happy & do work with full interest. 

you need to find what you are good in & based on that you need to take a right decision after completing 12th there are lots of opportunity  below are some courses which commerce stream student can do after completing hsc. further i will also discuss different career options for science stream student after completing 12th science.

There are lots of  different courses which you can do after 12th commerce & also after 12 science.

courses after 12th commerce 

➤b.com  (bachelor of commerce) after completing b.com you can also do m.com which means master of commerce and can work as an accountant in company.

➤LLB- you can become an advocate or can work as an tax consultant further you can do LLM that is masters degree.

➤CS(company secretary)- you can do this course after 12th commerce which is equivalent to CA( chartered accountant)

➤CA( chartered accountant)

➤BBA(bachelor in business administration) and you can do further (MBA)-master in business administration) you can do mba in finance, marketing, HR.

digital marketing course- are you a person who like to browse more on internet & to learn something different & new then you can do digital marketing course. you can do this course by joining various institute or you can learn it online sitting at home.
the advantage of digital marketing is that we can get job in good company or you can start your own agency you can grow your existing business or can start a new business with help of digital marketing.

➤diploma courses- you can do small diploma courses like d.ED( diploma in education) etc.

➤beauty parlour course

➤animation course

➤BFD( bachelor of fashion design)

➤event management courses

➤tax consultant- after completing law LLB you can become tax consultant or can open your own small firm.

➤interior designer

➤tution teacher or tution classes

➤along with this there are lot of courses which you can do after completing 12th commerce.

courses after 12th science 

what next after 12th 

➤engineering- if you have selected pcm(physics, chemistry, maths) in 12th science than you can do B.E (bachelor in engineering) or b.tech


various fields

➤B..E - Mechanical engineering

          civil engineering
          electrical engineering

          information technology(IT)

          electronics & communication
          software engineering etc.

➤BSC- (bachelor in science) further you can do MSC( master in science)

 ➤BCA(bachelor in computer science) further you can do MCA(master in computer science)

➤B.pharm- bachelor in pharmacy further you can do M.pharm- master in pharmacy

if you have selected bio then you can do  MBBS & can become an doctor.

➤environmental science

➤hotel management course

➤designing courses


➤mba- you can also do mba(master in business administration) after B.E

➤digital marketing- you can also do digital marketing after 12th science or after engineering also.
you can become a digital marketer.

along with this there may be some other courses which you can do after 12th science.

so friends did you like the information about hsc full form & what next after 12th if you like it then share it with your friends.


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