How to find right keywords for seo(search engine optimization)

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➣Before making any website or blog it's a big question that How to find right keywords for seo(Search engine optimization) as keywords plays a major role in seo(search engine optimization) process of your website or blog.

What you all will get to learn from this post??
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➡️How to find  keywords for Seo
➡️What are keywords??
➡️How important are keywords for Seo??
➡️Types of keywords??
➡️Keywords importance in seo??
➡️Where to find keywords??
➡️Tools used for keyword research??
➡️Why keywords are so important??
➡️How to find keywords for your website??           

The above are questions which people have about keywords.

How to find  keywords for seo(search engine optimization)

➣Keyword are generally made by adding two words key+words as all of us know about words & key means that people search for specific informations.

Keyword may be in form of queries, questions & various specific information that people are searching for.

Let's take an example: suppose some one search for >how to make website" in search engine then the various Articles which are highly ranked will be shown to the people & also various related keywords will be shown by search engine so here keywords plays a major role in ranking of your website & also for search engine optimization.

Before discussing about How to find keywords for Seo let's have a overlook about what are exactly keywords.

What are keywords

As keywords decide ranking of website & along with this there are many factors which are involved there to rank your website on search engine That is on page & off page seo that we will discuss later in this post we will discuss mainly about what are keywords & How to find  keywords for Seo.

As discussed earlier that keywords are in the form of queries, questions, informations, specific information & about knowledge that people are searching for as any one that has any queries, questions or to know something about specific information they search in search engine & they get various informations & answers of the question they have searched for. 

The search engine display the various informations according to people queries or questions & show the people highly ranked article or websites according to the keywords of that websites.

➣As keywords are very first thing to keep in mind before making any website & blog or before writing any articles along with this we should also keep in mind of on page & off page seo which is very important for ranking of your website or blog here for more information about ranking of your website you can also read the post given below ↡
                                             How to rank you website on search engine this will make you clear understanding about how to rank your website & which factors are involved in ranking of website.

So if you have an any blog or website which you have maked using blogger, wordpress or any other platforms  you should know that how keywords are really very important in ranking of your website on search engine along with this you should also know about what is on page & off page seo.

Let's​ have only overview about on page & off page seo we will not discuss it in brief.

On page seo- this involves the title, description, meta description & various informations of your website. To highly rank on search engine on page seo is very important.

Off page Seo- off page seo means to build backlinks & various steps are involved in off page to rank your website or blog on search engine.

In this post we will be focusing mainly on How to find  keywords for Seo

So let's begin,

Keyword are generally of two types  short tail & long tail keywords as keywords are generally in form of queries, Questions or some one who is looking for some specific information let's take an example of short term & long term keywords.


Long tail keywords- this are type of keywords which are of more words Example- if some one search for 
how to buy online products from websites, how to make websites using WordPress, best shops for dress material, how to start online business from home, etc.

The above are some example of long tail keywords which people search for. Now I will show you same words which people also search in few words as shown below.

Short tail keywords- this type of keywords involves short keywords I will show you this short keywords with the same example as shown above example- how to buy products, create website, dress material shop, online business from home.

The above are some examples of short tail keywords 

As many people searches for short & long tail both types of keywords you should be very clear about the keywords & have to do proper keywords research before making any blog or website as keywords matter a lots it's totally​ depends on your niche which you have selected.
As example my website is about digital marketing topics, online earning topics, blogging  so I will have to do a proper keywords research before making any blog post the keywords should be targeted & and should have specific information which people are searching for.

Now you all been having a question in your mind How to find  keywords for Seo

As its depends on your niche which you have selected & also you have to do proper research about keywords which you will use in your blog post or in your website.

Firstly you have to make list of all keywords which you will be using & select the proper keywords by knowing the keyword volume, competition of that keyword & also have to search that at what position does specific keyword ranks.

First step is to find right keywords which will be rank on search engine you can do that by using various keywords research tools available in which some are paid & some are absolutely free.

You can use some free tools for checking keywords volume.

Below are some free tools for finding keywords.

5) Google trends & many more 

Some are also paid keywords tool like Ahref tool, Semrush etc. Which are very good tools for searching proper keywords.

The above are some keywords tool which I have described which you can use to search proper keywords.

As to attract more visitors to your website your keyword should be targeted & should have specific information related to people queries, questions or information which they are searching for.

Along with keywords your website should be Seo friendly websites which takes less time to load as if your website will take more time to load your visitors will leave your website.

Along with the proper keywords the on page seo & off page seo should also be keep in mind before making any website or blog.

As search engine works on algorithm & crawl & index your posts on search engines it's an whole process which all factors are considered to rank your website & it's also involves on page seo & off page seo of website as searching proper targeted keywords & ranking it on search engine is not so much easy you have to consider other factors also to rank your website or post on search engine.

Proper use of keywords can help you to rank on search engine in fast way & it's depend on the type of niche which you have selected for your website. Tools can be great way through which you can do proper keywords research & can rank your website on search engine.

Here are some points which you should consider for ranking of your website or blog.

Important-points-we-should-consider-before-making website

The above are points that we should consider before making any website or blog.

You should also focus on the domain name of your website which is important from seo point of view as proper domain name should be such that anybody can remember it & domain name should be selected according to your niche which you are going to use in your website as keywords matter a lot it's play a important role in ranking of your website or blog.

Let's go in deep & learn more about keywords & let's learn about How to find keywords for Seo with some examples.

Example No:1

Suppose you have maken a blog or website now you want to write new post or articles in website & suppose your post or article is about mobile review so here your first step is to find right keyword for this article to find right keyword you can use different methods

First search directly in search engine try to put different keywords & here in example we have taken keyword mobile review here people also search as best android mobile, redmi latest mobile reviews, Samsung latest android review etc.

Now you have to find right keyword which people are exactly searching for & according to that decide the keyword which you think will rank in search engine.

After that use different keywords tool to know the ranking & competition of that keyword, position of that keyword note that select low competition keyword which will rank easily on search engine & keep in mind about on page Seo & off page Seo.

After selecting proper keyword & using different keywords tool it's time to write article or post.
The article should not be too short try to write long & attractive article which will attract the visitors & bring more visitors to your website.

Example No:2

Suppose your article or post is about  how to earn online.

Then you have to select proper keyword which will rank on search engine in this type keywords people also search for how we can earn online, online Earning tips,

Best website through which we can earn, how to earn money online, online business that we can start from home, etc.

In this example we have taken keyword how to earn online so in this we have to search  proper keyword &
And after that by using keywords tool you can check their ranking, competition etc.

An then by selecting proper keyword write good & long article which will attract more people.

➣The above Two examples I have just taken to explain you all about how to do keywords research & by using keywords tool in which some are paid keywords tool & some are absolutely free & after that by writing long & attractive article or post & also by taking some other factors in mind before making article or post will help you to rank fast in search engine also your website should be Seo friendly the website load time should be less.

For measuring your website performance you can use Google analytics or Google search console which also will help you to find about the error in your website.

As very first step before making any website or blog is to select right & proper keywords that will help you to rank in search engine & also keeping in mind the other factors will help you to rank your website fast on search engine.

Blog is a good source of knowledge you can make a blog on various topics as per your niche & by using proper keywords you can rank your article or post on search engine the point is to select proper keyword with low competition & by considering other factors.

So I hope that this post will help you all to understand about the keywords & about How to find keywords For Seo

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