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Today's topic is really important for bloggers who want to start their career in blogging or are beginners.

In this post we are going to discuss blogging platform

➡️Are you a beginner​ & want to start career in blogging so it's first step is to decide most trusted blogging platform.before starting you should know about hosting & domain as in some blogging platform the hosting is free and you can use subdomain if you want to start blogging for free.
Some of blogging platform you need to pay for hosting & domain both. So in this post we are going to discuss blogging platform in which some are absolutely free & some platform we need to pay for hosting & domain.

➡️Generally blogging means to share your knowledge or content which you are good in. It may be educational blog, cooking blog,event blog, business blog, fashion blog, jobs or news blog etc.

So let's discuss about  blogging platform

Best blogging platform
below are some free & paid blogging platforms from where you can start blogging. it is best & absolutely free platform to start your career in blogging.
It's offers you a free SSL(Secure sockets layer) certificate for your blog or website either you are using or your own custom domain​ it's offers you free SSL certificate.
➡️The good thing about this blogging platform is that it is most trusted platform as it is a Google product. There are different templates & themes which you can use for your blog & can create free blog without paying a single money. Before starting making blog using you must have little knowledge about html.
Further you can also buy your own custom domain starting from 99rs-400rs from websites likeGodaddy  & many more websites from where you can buy custom domain.
To know about how to create blog free using you can read this also
How to make free blog or website with

➡️Remember- if you want to make free blog than it is not necessary to buy custom domain you can run your blog using free sub domain
But I recommend that you should buy custom domain as by using custom domain you can rank your website fast on search engine & you have full control over your content. In you have less options like limited themes & less widgets.

For beginners blogger is the best platform to start career in blogging also it easy to use you can also add images, videos to your blog.

below blogging platform is very good as it is used by many people.

WordPress- this is the most trusted  platform you can make free blog using this platform & lot of people build blog or website using this platform as it has a lot of features & themes which you can use to make your blog or website look nice.
WordPress is based on content management (system) as you can easily make blog or website using this platform. It is easy to use it's uses drag & drop system which makes easy to use this platform for making blog or website.
You can also select various plans from basic to high level in
If you want to make a professional website using than first you need to buy hosting & domain.
The cheapest hosting you can buy is from Bluehost if you buy hosting from blueshost than you get a free domain along with it for one year. provide cheapest price hosting & is trusted.
You can also buy hosting from different websites ex-, HostGator etc.

➡️WordPress have different types of plugins which you can use in your website it's great platform to create website or blog it has drag & drop option which is easy to use also it has large number of templates & widgets which you can use & can create a professional website.

➡️If you are willing to make a business or product selling website using WordPress than you need to first buy hosting & domain from the above given websites & have to install WordPress directly from where you have buy hosting & domain. it is the another easy to use platform for making blog for free. You need not to pay for making blog. But you can further select different plans for more plugins & widgets to make your blog look professional. If you make free blog using then you have limited themes & widgets. But if you uprgade or select various plans than you get a lot of options but you need to pay for that.
Wix is easy to use & you can start making blog very easily using this platform.

Joomla- it is the next another blogging or website making platform from where you can make blog. Further you can buy more features by upgrading.
You need to pay for domain & hosting in joomla means you need a domain& hosting to use it.
Joomla provides you different themes which you can use for your blog.
For making blog or website using Joomla you need to first buy domain & hosting. it is also a good platform for making blog for free. It's trusted platform from where you can make blog it may be business blog, cooking blog etc.
Most of the people start blogging with medium as it is easy to use & not need too much technical knowledge. to make blog or website using this platform you need to pay. There are different plans & upgrade but you can trial it free for 14 days after than you need to upgrade & have to pay for making blog or website using this platform.

➡️The above are best six Blogging platform from where you can start blogging. The mostly used platform by most of the people are WordPress &

➡️Before starting blogging you need to know about which platform will be good & trusted to start your career in blogging all you need to understand about what is hosting & domain.

➡️The person who writes a blog is known as blogger the blogs really are a great source of knowledge & helps to grow yourself.

➡️The above​ are best six Blogging platforms from where you can start your career in blogging.

I hope that this information will help you all.

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Blogs are great source of knowledge which helps other to get information & knowledge on various topics.


Which Blogging platform is best??
  ➡️ It's depend on you if you are beginner than you should go with blogger or & if you have money to buy hosting & domain then you should go for WordPress.

Which topic should I select for Blogging??
➡️ You should select the niche in which you are good & in which you have more knowledge about that topic.

Is WordPress good??
➡️Yes WordPress is good platform as it's have number of plugins which we can use & can create a professional website or blog.

It is necessary to buy domain??
➡️ In some Blogging platform like blogger provides subdomain which you can use free you did not need to buy domain in blogger. If you want than you can buy custom domain & can connect it with blogger.
For more information How to connect custom domain with blogger.

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