How to add Facebook like button to blogger easily

How to add Facebook like button to blogger or website easily
As Facebook like button is very necessary for a website or for your blog.
Today I am going to discuss about how to  add Facebook like button to blogger or website easily.

Facebook like button is important for your website or blog as it shows you how much people liked your post or your content.

It's also helps to engage more people to your website or blog if you add Facebook like button along with a share button.

To add the Facebook like button follow the given below steps.

Or you can search directly Facebook like button.

After that a new page will be open there you have to set the basic things like the width of button & or the size of button
Just follow give below steps.

You have to put your blog or website URL in the box.

Width- in this box or section you can set width of like button or leave it as it is as it's width is already set.

Layout- in this box you can set standard for like button as what button you want it's your choice which you can select it may be box count, button count or button.

Button size- in this box or section you can select the size of like button.it may be small or large.
Along with like button you can also get share button with it just tick the option which is given just below button size.

After all setting which are shown above just click on Get code

After clicking on Get code the two html codes will come you have to just copy that html code & have to paste to your blogger html section.

 To add Facebook like button to blogger for this just follow the given below steps.

Go to Blogger.com➡️sign in➡️in left side go to layout section➡️click on the add gadget➡️in that there will be 29-30 Gadgets in which you have to select a gadget html/JavaScript➡️in that just paste the two code in html/JavaScript & click on save arrangement which is at top right side.

Go to blogger.com➡️ theme➡️Edit html➡️in that place mouse cursor at center and click ctrl+f & search box will appear then find for <body>paste the first code just below <body> then search for <data:post.body/> this code will come appear two time just place the second code below the second<data:post.body/>
After that just click on save theme.

Now you will see that the Facebook​ like button will appear on your blog or website.

I hope that this information will help you all  to add Facebook like button to your blog easily.

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