How to create moving text in blog (step by step)

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Today's topic is on how to create moving text in blog(step by step) blogger

First of all wish you all HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI. As I am from India ganesh Chaturthi is a festival which is celebrated in September month all over India it is the festival of Lord ganesh the son of Lord shiv. It is a belief that before starting any new or subh work we should remember lord ganesh.

    Lord ganesh festival
      Sukh harta dukh harta he tu ganpati bappa I love you 

So let's start the topic.

As moving text in your website or blog look more attractive & it may also helpfull​ for explaination of your topic in short & clear way.

So first you need to understand about how it works.
moving text in html

If you want to add moving text in your website or blog follow the given below steps.

First Go to blogger.com➤sign in using your Google account➤then on left side go to layout as show in below figure➤add gadget➤html/JavaScript➤now you need to add some code in html/JavaScript.
layout section

adding gadget  in blog

Follow given below steps to add code for moving text.

As shown in below figure you need to add the following given below code to HTML/JavaScript gadget.
Replace your text with "enter your text"

How-to-create-moving- text
marquee html

when you will enter the above code in html/javascript gadget then the moving text will be as shown below.
how to create moving text in blog

Now if you want your text to move upward then you need to change the direction of text as shown in figure below.

moving text in upward direction

If you want your text to move in downward direction then change the direction of text as shown in below figure.

moving text in downward direction

You can also change the background color of your text by simply entering Bg color=" "
As shown in above figure if you need to change the background color of your text place Bg color="color that you want" just after direction="down"
As the code will be <marquee direction="down"  Bgcolor="color code">Enter your text<marquee>

There are various color codes which are used in html as suppose you want the black color background for your text then the color code is #000000.
The different color codes are used in html.

You can also put an URL.
After putting the code in HTML/JavaScript gadget just click on save.

Now go to your blog and you will see the moving text.

The moving text example or demo you can see in my website.

So you can  create moving text in blog easily

So friends I hope that this information will help you to create moving text in blog.

we can use different direction for moving text in upward, downward direction etc.

as marquee text are very necessary in news website or images websites which  also look very attractive.


Add pages to blog easily

Adding pages to your blog or website is important because it describes your website categories & some most important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, FAQ(frequently asked questions), topics pages & some useful pages.

So the question is how can we add pages to blog website??

Add pages to blog

Pages helps to describes your website & about you.

Before discussing about adding pages to blog just have a quick review on different​ pages which are there in most of blogs & website.

Some common pages which are found in most of blog & websites.

About us- This page describes about the website & what are they providing to us.
This page describes the history of blog or website.

Contact us- this page is generally used for contact purpose. If anybody has any query or questions related to website  they can directly ask through the contact form which is provided in contact us page or it may be at the bottom of website.

Privacy policy- this page describes about the privacy policy of websites. About what data the website collects by the user.

Disclaimer- this page describes about the information & cookies or affiliated link that may be used in websites.

And other pages like FAQ(Frequently ask questions), topics etc.

Now let's discuss about how to add pages to blogger blog or website.

Some common pages in blog

Follow the given below steps to add pages to blogger blog easily.

First go to blogger.com➡️sign in using Google account➡️on left side go to pages section as show in below figure & click on new pages➡️add title to that page & write about that page and just click on publish.
page sectionin pages➡️new page.

Create pages which you want and give title & write about that page & just click on publish.

Now go to Layout as show in above figure➡️
Add gadget you can add gadget on cross-column or at sidebar. There is already an page gadget in cross column it's depend upon on which theme you are using.
Click on add gadget➡️there will be 29-30 gadgets as shown in below figure just go to➡️ pages gadget & select the different pages & arrange them after that click on save button which is given on left bottom side.

Add pages gadget

Now go to to your blog or website & you will see that the different pages which you have created will appear.

You can also add an external link to your pages section just  follow below given steps.

Go to layout➡️ click on add gadget or edit➡️go to page gadget➡️there will be an external link option just click on it➡️add the link & write title of that page which you want to show in pages & click on save. Now you will observe that the page with that link will appear.

As pages are very important to blog or website various pages describes about your blog or website which you have created.

 Here are Some tips on creating pages.

 create important page like about us, contact us, privacy policy, FAQ(frequently asked questions), disclaimer.

You can also add more pages which you think that is necessary for your website.

Add meaningful terms to pages.

Create pages in such a way that the visitor will attract more.

You can use website like freeprivacypolicy.com or easyriver.com to create your privacy page for your blog or website.

The information in your pages website or blog is important as it shows the user about your website & category.

I hope that this information will help you to Add pages to blog or website in blogger.com


Soldering machine uses

Hello friends,
Today I am going to discuss about soldering machine uses.
You all will get to learn About soldering machine working, it's components & it's uses.

Soldering machine is generally used for joining of two or more metals by melting it &  by putting a filler material(solder)in that joint.

As shown above in figure the  solder is used in soldering of two items or metal.
The filler material which is used in soldering process are generally alloy the mixture of lead & tin material.

Components which are used for soldering

1)  solder.
2) flux. 
3) filler material.
4) wire cutter.
5) solder stand.

 solder- this are used for joining of two items or metals together by heating. Generally the electrode is heated and with help of filler material the joining of two items are done.

Flux- the flux are generally used for removing the oxides. The flux may be of different types.

Filler material- this are the material which are used in joining of metals or two & more items together. Generally this are used where the joint has to be done.

Wire cutter- it is used for cutting of wires.

Solder stand- the soldering stand is used to put the soldering machine in it. As when soldering is over the electrode still remain hot. So we can put the soldering machine in that stand.

Care you should take while doing soldering

When you do soldering always protect your eyes from flux as it contains some chemical component & wear gloves when you are doing soldering.
Do not touch the electrode while doing soldering as it may harm you.

Uses of soldering- soldering is used for  purposes like joining wires on PCB (printed circuit board)

In soldering the two metals or items or not heated the filler material are used for joining that two items or metal.

Soldering is Also used for joining copper, silver, gold.

The soldering machine price ranges from 250-350rs.


How to add Facebook like button to blogger easily

How to add Facebook like button to blogger or website easily
As Facebook like button is very necessary for a website or for your blog.
Today I am going to discuss about how to  add Facebook like button to blogger or website easily.

Facebook like button is important for your website or blog as it shows you how much people liked your post or your content.

It's also helps to engage more people to your website or blog if you add Facebook like button along with a share button.

To add the Facebook like button follow the given below steps.

Or you can search directly Facebook like button.

After that a new page will be open there you have to set the basic things like the width of button & or the size of button
Just follow give below steps.

You have to put your blog or website URL in the box.

Width- in this box or section you can set width of like button or leave it as it is as it's width is already set.

Layout- in this box you can set standard for like button as what button you want it's your choice which you can select it may be box count, button count or button.

Button size- in this box or section you can select the size of like button.it may be small or large.
Along with like button you can also get share button with it just tick the option which is given just below button size.

After all setting which are shown above just click on Get code

After clicking on Get code the two html codes will come you have to just copy that html code & have to paste to your blogger html section.

 To add Facebook like button to blogger for this just follow the given below steps.

Go to Blogger.com➡️sign in➡️in left side go to layout section➡️click on the add gadget➡️in that there will be 29-30 Gadgets in which you have to select a gadget html/JavaScript➡️in that just paste the two code in html/JavaScript & click on save arrangement which is at top right side.

Go to blogger.com➡️ theme➡️Edit html➡️in that place mouse cursor at center and click ctrl+f & search box will appear then find for <body>paste the first code just below <body> then search for <data:post.body/> this code will come appear two time just place the second code below the second<data:post.body/>
After that just click on save theme.

Now you will see that the Facebook​ like button will appear on your blog or website.

I hope that this information will help you all  to add Facebook like button to your blog easily.


Tips to improve your English fast(step by step)

Hello friends,
Today's​ topic is on Tips to improve your English fast.
I will discuss some tips through  which you can easily improve or can learn English fast.
As I am not a professional but I will try my best & give tips which I have gain through my own experience.
The very first think is to understand alphabets & some basic things.
I will give you some tips to improve or learn English fast.

➡️First step to learn English 

To learn English or any language you must know the alphabets which is a very basic first step to learn english.

As shown below in figure first try to understand alphabets & we all use most of the words or alphabets in our daily life Example-fan, fridge, computer, towel, drum, doll etc..

➡️Tips to improve your English fast

➡️First tip - try to make your own words or sentences as shown above in figure the alphabets play a major role in understanding the words or sentences.
Example- A- apple, aeroplane, ant, Asia etc..
                   B- ball, brake, better, ball etc..
Try it yourself and make list of words which you know & this will help to improve your words & sentences.

➡️Second tips- as all of us use android mobile. use whatsapp​ to improve your English you can make a group and start conversation with your friends in English. Talking in English would be little bit hard at starting​ but you can improve it by practicing daily.

➡️Third tip- read English news paper it will help you to learn English fast & easily. As reading news paper in English may be difficult but by understand the words or Sentences will help you to improve your English.

➡️Forth tip- watch English cartoon channel.
Try to understand  words & sentences for this watch cartoons channels daily.

➡️Fifth tips- take help of YouTube channel.
There are many YouTube channels which are helping to learn English from basic.youtube channel will be a best way through which you can improve your English & can learn English fast.

➡️Sixth tip- use translator for converting sentences or paragraph into English. Translater will really help to convert the sentences or paragraph from one language to another which will make you to understand the sentences & easy to learn English.

➡️Seventh tip- take help of websites & apps to learn English. There are many websites & apps which helps to learn English.

➡️Eight tip- some basic things you need to understand.
Example- she & her words  are used for girl & women
He & his word is used for man & boy.

➡️Ninth tip- know the difference between past tense, present tens & future tense.
Ex-consider one sentence- i am reading a book.
Past tense- I have readen a book.
Present tense- I am reading a book.
Future tense- I will read a book.
Learn grammar- grammar will really help you to learn English fast & easily.

➡️Tenth tip- read english books to improve or learn English fast & easily.
Try to speak in English with your friends which will help you to improve your English.

As to learn any language you should know about the alphabets & meaning of that word or sentences. If you will learn alphabets than it will become easy to learn any language along this we should also know some common things about that language.

I will not guarantee that you will learn English in one day but by following above tips regularly​ you can improve or learn English in few days.

You have to keep regularly practicing any language which you want to learn as the practice makes man perfect.

You can use translator to convert this in your language.

If you all have more tips than you can share it in comments box so that all can learn more. But the comments must not be too much big.


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