Why to start blogging


Why to start blogging is common questions that every people have whether they are newer to blogging or they are willing to start blogging.

Different People have different thinking about blogging.some people think blogging is for earning & some think that it is sources of knowledge or blogging means for increasing knowledge.

According to me blogging is a way to express your thoughts or knowledge & experience that we have in any field whether it may be technical or common knowledge. Before starting blogging you should know  why to start blogging.

You should do analysis before starting blogging​. You should not only start blogging for earning but should start it for sharing knowledge or to gain knowledge by continuous efforts. Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge that you have in any field it may technical, common knowledge, about recipe's, about products review, or it may be in different fields.

People have many questions about blogging.if you think that you have good knowledge in any field & you are good in  writing more & more about some topics than you should start blogging.


Blogging starts from the understanding or knowledge & experience that we are willing to share to people for increasing their knowledge. It helps people to gain more & more knowledge & increase their knowledge.

to start a blog you need to decide a niche or topic in which you are good in & can write more & more on that particular topic

example: if you have a good knowledge in blogging then you can start a blog on blogging & can teach different people blogging by writing blog posts.

if you have good technical knowledge then you can start a technical blog or if you have good knowledge about fashion then you can start a fashion blog.

you can also make a micro niche blog on a particular topic.

Why to start blogging & what is blogging is the first question that people have before starting blogging.

Now I think that you have decided the topic.

The next step is about how??


The second question that people have is how to start blogging.

Nowadays blogging is become simple as if anybody is willing to start blogging there are various platforms available to start blogging absolutely free. 

Which platform you should select to start free blogging. Google provide a free blog platform for the bloggers who are willing to start blogging.

WordPress & blogger.com  can be used to start blogging.if you are a beginner than you should start either with blogger.com or wordpress.

WordPress offers many plugins, themes & widgets which we can use to make your blog look more attractive. Along with this you can also make an online store using WordPress.

Starting blogging is simple & easy as it does not require so much technical knowledge of coding or some special skills. Anyone can start blogging with good knowledge in any fields they have.

The bloggers are increasing day by day. So there are many opportunities in the blogging field. You can start your career with blogging if you think you have good knowledge in any fields.

Blogging is source of knowledge. Blogging​ is creating a new opportunities for the new bloggers who are willing to start their blog.

Before starting blogging you should gain more & more knowledge about it & should have clear understanding about it.

It is easy to start blogging but remember that to make career in blogging is not easy as you have to be updated & do a lot of Research about the topic which you are willing to start & you have to be regular with new posts.

blogging is a part of digital marketing which is also known as content writing in which you share information or knowledge in content form online.

it is easy to start a blog but every blogger is not successful as there is lot of competition in this field  & lots of blogs are publish everyday to be a good blogger you need to write high quality good content & have to do proper Seo(search engine optimization) of your blog.

as to grow your blog you should have more visitors to get more visitors to your blog you should do proper seo, keywords research, social media optimization, proper domain selection, good content, good quality backlinks etc.

Below are some Blogging platform from where you can start blogging⬇️

blogs are of different types it may be news blog, techanical blog, fashion blog, cooking blog, products reviews blog, educational blog etc. 

before starting a blog you should have a good knowledege about the topic which you are selecting for that you have to decide a particular niche & have to do lot of research about that topic.

So friends I hope that this information about blogging will really help you. if you are willing to start blogging or if you have already started blogging.

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