How to rank your website on search engine​

How to rank your website on search engine.

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How to rank your website is the most asked questions by the people. First think you need is to understand about the whole process of S.E.O(Search engine optimization).

Read this for better understanding about S.E.O(search engine optimization)

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So without wasting time let's discuss about how to rank your website.

First step.

The very first step is to make your website. Read this  How to create a website

Then the keywords & appearance​ of website is most important to rank your website.the keywords must be short & clear & you can use also long tail keywords for your website.for the keywords of your website you can take help of Google keywords planner. 

Second step

Second step is to submit your website to Google search engine.
For submitting your website to Google search engine you can use Google search console which is formely known as webmaster tool. As it is absolutely free. Webmaster tool is the best tool as it helps to submit your website or app very easily.
You need to follow the given below steps for clear understanding of webmaster tool.

1) to rank your website or app you need to verify your website.
Go to webmaster tool➡️sign it using your Google account. Sign in option will be given on top right side➡️under that first you will to add property & is to verify your website. To verify your website just click on add property given on the top right show below in figure.
Adding property to your website

When you will click on add property a box will appear in which you have to put a URL of you website Ex: or
If you does not have https setting for your website you can also add property using http. Ex-

Just click on add property➡️box will appear➡️place your URL in this box➡️ click on save➡️now you need to verify your website. To verify your website there are generally 4-5 methods but the best way is using html tags➡️after adding property to website a message will come the property is added sucessfully➡️now you need to go to the top left side on which there will be different options just click on all message just click on it.

After clicking on all message a page will open as show in below.

Improve the search presence of

After that clicking on the message a new page will open. In that that will be various settings of your website like- add a site, set preferred version,choose country,manage site user etc.

You have to just click on manage site user & your mail id will come just tick in it & in that go to the manage property owner on right top side as show below in figure.

Manage property

When you will click on manage property owners a new page will open & there will be two option just click on verify using a different method.

The various options will come through which you can verify your website. The simplest way is using HTML tag.

Here I will explain how you can verify your website using HTML tag.
For this first you need to click on HTML tag under that click on meta tags.
Now an link will come in the box. You just need to copy that link an have to paste it below the <head> in your website html.

To go to the website html & paste in the website just follow given below instructions.

Go to➡️sign in it➡️on left side just click on theme➡️Edit html➡️under that click on center & press ctrl + f, a search box will appear there you need to search for <head> & just paste it below it.

Now go again to webmaster tool & just click on verify.

Now the message will come you have successfully verified.

Third step

The third step is to submit sitemap of website.
To submit sitemap follow given below steps.

After verifying your website go to dashboard of webmaster tool➡️in left side there will be different options just click on sitemap➡️click on add sitemap
➡️a box will appear just in that you to place your sitemap of your website. To check your website sitemap just go to your website Ex-
Now you have to just type sitemap.xml in given box.
Just type sitemap.xml in given box & submit can also test your sitemap.xml.
By submitting website sitemap it become simple for search engine to crawl your website.

Fetch as Google- this is new feature of webmaster tool as this is used to fetch & will show you how your website will appear in search engines & also show if their is any errors in website.

By performing all the above three steps you can easily submit your website in search engine.

Webmaster tool also use to improve your website & we can check for error which occurs in our website & can easily fix them using webmaster tool

Now how to rank your website

Here are some tips to rank your website.

For ranking your website in search engine you need to keep regular new post. You have to create new post with high quality content & with proper keywords.

The second major thing is to create backlinks for your website.

The other method is to share your posts in social media platforms like , Facebook, Instagram,Twitter etc.

To rank your website you need to work very hard it's very hard to rank your website but it is not impossible. You need to create high quality content.
Read this for more information
Steps you should follow for your new website.

The process of S.E.O(search engine optimization) is given below.

First crawl: in this process the examine of your website is done in which robot.txt acts like spider & gives informations of your website to search engine.

Second index- this is fileing of your website each pages & get indexing​.

Third final appear on search engine- after performing the above two process finally​ your website appears in the search engine.

Example- when you give any exam you first examine the question paper & write your answer of questions which are given in exam & after that submit your paper & finally the result of your exam this way the search engine works.

Some questions that people have.

Why my sitemap is still showing pending??
It takes around 24-48 hours after you have submitted the sitemap.
Further if your website sitemap takes time then you can delete sitemap and submit it second time.

What is robot.txt ??

It is like a spider. It help the search engine to collect the content & information of your website easily.

How to check whether my website is on Google or not??

It's very simple you just need to search
For site:""
Or site:""

For more queries you can directly go to webmaster tool & in that on left side there is an help option.

Why you should start blogging??

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