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            guide on how to create a website

Hello Friends,

How to create website is common questions that people have,as it is very important to know for the people who are willing to make their own website.

In this blog post i have discuss in a very simple & easy steps through which you can easily make your website or blog for free.

i have also discuss about how you can start your blog by buying your own hosting & domain & by installing WordPress one click.

Today I am going to discuss about how you can make your own website. There are different ways through which you can make your website.

I will discuss one by one method to create your own website.

website is very important for business owner or who are willing to grow their business online as its connects your audience or customers with you. as nowadays most of people are growing their business online its very important to have own website for growing your business globally website plays a major role.

through website you can easily sell your products or services online & can target the right audience. to reach your business to more people you can also do S.E.O( search engine optimization) of website or you can do S.E.M( Search engine marketing) paid advertising to reach to more people to know more about what is S.E.O And S.E.M You can also read Seo vs Sem

to attract more visitors you can also write  some content on your website which will help to grow your website fast

before discussing about How to make website you should know about types of website.

the website may be of different types. it may be blogging website(where you write or share your knowlege), E-commerce website(through which you sell your products), service providing website(through which you provide different services to your website), jobs website etc.

Nowadays it has become very easy to create own website within 10-15 minutes.

The very common way is using  It allows you to make own websites.

You can also make website using to create website you need to buy hosting & domain)

 you Can also create website using

Some of the platforms  are paid & some of website create website for free.

here we are going to discuss about how to make website for free using

How to create a free website.

If your are thinking to create free website or blog the best way is using

Important things you should know before creating your website

1) what is domain??
Domain is the address of your website it's depend on you what domain you select.
It is just like your home address.

The domain should not be very much big. It should be easy and short that people can easily  remember when they visit your website next time.

2) what is hosting??

Hosting is server where all of your information like images, data, etc are stored.

You have to buy the hosting for your website.
There are different hosting provider.
One of which is hostgator,, siteground, godaddy, reseller club etc.

The above are the two things which you should know before creating your website.

I will discuss that how can we make free website using blogger.

i will discuss six simple steps through which you can easily make your blog or website

The blogger is best platform for creating blog as it is a Google product. provides free hosting & subdomain you do not need to pay it's absolutely free. But if you wish to buy your own domain you can buy it. To get information about how to buy your own domain go to step forth.

Follow the given below steps to make your own website free.

➡️First you have to make simply a blog for more information about how to create blog click on below link.

First step for making website

first step is to create a blog as it is very simple just go to & to know more just click on the above link.

after making blog you can use blogger free subdomain but i recommend that you should buy domain as by having own custom domain you have full control on your content & and it creates professional look to know more about how to buy custom domain read second step.

➡️Second step.

You have to buy a custom domain. It's your choice you can either purchase domain from godaddy or you can directly buy it from Google.

The starting of domain is from 99rs in

To know about how to buy custom domain go to step forth to get more knowledge on how to make website just click on below link.

Get more knowledge about making your own website

➡️Third step.

The hosting which you not need to buy as the blogger provide free hosting. You did not need to buy any hosting if you are using it is absolutely free.

if you are willing to make a professional website & a website in which you can customize it easily then you can make a website using wordpress as most of people make website using wordpress for making website using wordpress you need to buy hosting & domain both you can buy hosting & domain from, hostgator, siteground, bluehost etc.

➡️Forth step.

Connect your domain to blogger or your website.

Ex- as your blog you created it's URL or subdomain is

After connecting your custom domain to blog it will get convert into

It's your choice which domain you buy it may be .com, .org , .info, .net etc.

The .com is the high level domain.

You can buy free domain also if you are don't willing to spend money on buying domain. is free domain provider from which you can buy domain easily.

note: here we are making free website so we will use blogger subdomain which is provided by blogger & is absolute free.

its your choice to buy custom domain or not but if you are thinking to do blogging for longer time then i recommend you to buy your own custom domain so that you have full control over your content.

 to know more about how to connect custom domain to your blog just click below link.

Know about how to buy custom domain & how to connect it with blogger??

➡️Fifth step.

Fifth step is basic setting of your blog or website.after connecting custom domain to blog you need to do some basic setting for your website just click below link to know more.

Do basic setting of your blog or website

➡️Sixth step

After connecting your domain to your blog or website & doing Basic settings. It's time for customizing theme of your website.

How to customize theme of my website or blog

Congratulations​ you have created your website.

By following above six step you can easily make your own website.

website plays a major role in connecting customers with your service or business so website should be seo friendly which takes less time to load & website look should be attractive & simple.

As website helps you to grow your business globally if you have a blog through which you share your knowlege & experience in any field then you can also earn from your blog by displaying ads on your blog by using google adsense that we will discuss in another post.

So friends i hope that this post about How to make website  will help you all if you have any query than you can comments us regarding this post or can contact me through the contact form which is provided in this website.

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