How to customize blog theme in blogger

Customize your blog or website

Hello friends,
Today I am going to discuss about how can you customize your website or blog in blogger.

1)To customize your website simply follow below given steps.

2)First go to and sign in it using your Google account.

3)On left side there will be theme. Just click on theme. As shown below in figure.
The figure here used is only to explain that when you will sign in on left side you have to go to theme.

theme customise

4)When you will click on theme the two option will come first customizing & second Edit html.

5)Click on customizing.

6)After clicking on customizing the new window will open in that you can do necessary setting of your blog or website.

7)In this there are many options avaliable where you can change color of your header & can add different design for your blog.

8)Background color change & many more which make your website look different from others.

If you are expert in design then you can give a nice look to your website or blog.

Explaination in a simple way how to go to customize in blogger.

Go to➡️theme➡️ customizing➡️in this you can make necessary changes like can change colors & font & can make your website look better & professional.

I hope that this information will help you to customize your theme easily.

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