How to connect your custom domain with blogger

        how to add custom domain to blogger

do you want to know how you can add custom domain to blogger so you are at right place in this blog post i will guide you step by step on how you can add custom domain to blogger.

if you are using or your blog is then you can also change by your own custom domain there are various custom domain provider from where you can buy your domain name and can add that custom domain to blogger its not so difficult process means first you have created blog on blogger that is when you will add your own custom domain to blog it will be change as .com, .in,, etc.  so you can buy your own custom domain and can add to blogger by following some simple steps which i will be discussing in this blog post. to .com 

First step is to buy domain so i will discuss here first how you can buy your own domain so that you can further add that domain to blogger.

how to buy domain using godaddy.

To buy domain just follow the below step.

⇒First go to

When you will go to

⇒A search bar will appear where you have to search for your domain which you want.

Like EX: .com,.in, .info if they are available then it will show in result.

⇒Then just proceed to add to cart & fill the informations like name, address etc.

⇒After that you have to do payment for domain. The domain price may vary time to time in 

⇒After that proceed further & the process of buying domain is over.

how to add custom domain to blogger godaddy

First go to➡️ go to settings in left side➡️basic➡️ publishing​➡️+set up thirt party URL for your blog➡️add your new custom domain name in it ex:➡️click on save. When you will click on save it will show error & it will ask to set your custom domain DNS settings.

How to do DNS setting of your custom domain.

So for this you want to go from where you have purchased your domain ex:➡️sign in it➡️go to my products➡️in that your domain will be there➡️just click on DNS settings➡️now you have to add 2 CNAME & 4 (A) RECORDS

First I will discuss how you will add two CNAME:

When you will click on DNS settings of your custom domain ex:  in then a page will come there you have to add 2CNAME 

Now in this page you have to see whether www is avaliable or not.

If www is avaliable in www line click on edit.

Now you have to come again in in that the page which is showing error. there will be two host & have to just put that in DNS settings of custom domain & will have to create 4 (A) records.

For more information regarding setting of cname & 4A records you can go to the help section which is provided in the main page of blogger dashboard on left side. or you can directly click on the setting option which is there in that page which is showing error.

After setting CNAME & 4A records page which is showing error. Then just click on save. After clicking on save if the error still occur than you have to just wait for 30 minutes. Keep checking it. And after that again click on save. If you have completed then in that click on edit & just below it tick on the the small box showing redirect option. Just tick on the redirect option. & Now you are ready to use your website.

In some cases it might take 24 or more hours after DNS setting of custom domain. And in some cases it may take just only milliseconds.

It's depend on the server.

I hope this information will help you to set up your custom domain with blogger.

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