How to add gadgets in blogger blog


How to add Gadgets in blogger blog.

Hello friends today I am going to discuss how to add gadgets in  blogger blog very easily.

Adding Gadgets in blogger blog is easy & simple. To add Gadgets in blog follow the below given steps.

1) sign in to using your Gmail account.

2) on the left side there will be different options available just click on the layout.

3) by clicking on layout on sidebar, footer, or at cross- column  there will be an add gadgets option just click on add gadgets.

4) by clicking on add Gadgets there will by around 29-30 gadgets avaliable there from that you can select any of the Gadgets that you show below in figure. 
Below figure is only used to explain how gadget will look when you will go to the layout.

5) by following above 4 steps you can easily add Gadgets to your blogger blog.

Before adding Gadgets you must know what are gadgets in blogger.


The gadgets are type of widgets which are used to add more informations to your blog.

Gadgets are used to add more features to your blog. There are around 29-30 gadgets which you can use in your blogs.

gadgets help to look your blog more attractive.

in blogger there are less number & limited gadgets as compare to wordpress.

below are some of the gadgets which you can use in your blogger blog

The gadgets which you can use in your blog is shown below.

AdSense ads- this are used to add ads in your blog through adsense you can add AdSense ads in your blog only after you get fully adsense approved account for your blog.

Contact form- use to add contact form to your blog.

Search- used to add search bar in your blog.

Your profile- this is used to add your profile to your blog it may be your blogger profile or your Google+ profile 

favicon- this gadget is used to add favicon for your blog the favicon is a small image which when someone open your blog it appears in the browser you can create your own favicon of small size for your blog. you can create free favicon of size 16*16 or 32*32 by using favicon generator or

blog search gadget- this gadget is used to search blog post in your blog you can easily add this gadget in your blog by going in layout section of your blog as shown above.

attribution gadget- you can add attribution for your blog using this gadget 

feature post- this gadget is use to add feature post in your blog.

new blog post gadget - this is used to add different blog posts in your blog which you have created.

pages gadgets- you can add pages to your blog using this gadgets

subscriber gadget- you can add this gadget so people can subscribe to your blog. to know about your subscriber you can go to

html/javascript- this gadget is used to add 3party code to your blog or website example if you do affliate marketing then you can add javascript or html code of your product or you can use 3 party code in your website.

adding text gadget- by using this gadget you can add text to your blog.

image adding gadget- you can add image in your blog using this gadget

blog stats gadget- this gadget is used to view pageview of your blog you can add this gadget so that people can know that how much is your blog pageview  when they visit your website.
you can also see this gadget in my blog in footer section.

favorite books gadget- you can also add your favorite books list using this gadget.

along with this there are more gadgets which you can add to your blog to give nice look to your blog. You can also add subscribe to your blog.

So friends what are you waiting for just go and try this gadgets & make your blog more attractive & if you like this blog post then comment us so that we can improve more.

If you are using WordPress then you can add different widgets which are know as plugins to your blog & also there are large number of themes which you can add to your blog for better look.


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