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guide on how to start a blog for beginners

Hello friends,

Are you a beginner??want to know about blogging?? so you are at the right place today i am going to discuss about what is a blog & about types of blog as many people have confusion about from where to start.sometimes it become difficult for beginners as they don't know from where to start & sometimes it's create a confusion.

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At the end of this article you will get to learn

➡️what is a blog??
➡️different types of blogs??
➡️how to start a blog??
➡️how to make money blogging for beginners??

So friends today I am going to discuss step by step that from where you can start blogging. There are various platforms available to start blogging. The two most good blogging platforms  used by most of people are &

So lets begin,

What is a blog

⇒What is a blog:

 blog is your personal website in which you write articles or post in which you are good in & after that you can also submit your blog on search engine like google search engine, Bing. you can also read this how to submit & rank your website on search engine 
➡️Basically blog is a way through which you can write content on niche which you have selected & also can share your experience through blog in what ever field you have Example-if some one is good in teaching than he can also start a educational blog, if some one is good in technology field then he can start a technical blog & if some one is good in cooking then he or she can start a cooking blog & there are lots of topics in which you can start a blogs.

➡️Before starting a blog the very first thing is to decide the niche & after deciding a particular niche you can start writing blog & after writing a blog you can publish your blog online.

➡️The good thing is that we can also add images on blog & can also add videos but the images should not be copyright.

➡️very first thing is to decide a niche for your blog as i already discuss above some examples you can start a blog & can decide a niche in which you are good in you have to decide particular topic in which you can write more & more.

⇒Different types of blogs

As discussed earlier in example the blogs are of different types.

➡️Educational blog
➡️Cooking blog
➡️Technical blog
➡️Fashion blog
➡️Sports blog
➡️Inspirational blog
➡️Product review blog,Etc

The above are some example of blogs which you can start along with this you can start various blogs in various field in which you are expert in & you can also earn with your blog by connecting your blog with google adsense.

As blog is a good source of knowledge its's help people to gain knowledge to rank your blog on search engine your blog should have high quality content & articles & along with this your articles should be attractive & long so that more visitors can engage with it,there are lots of factors involve in ranking of your blog or website which we will discuss in another article.

⇒how to start a blog

There are different blogging platforms from where you can start blogging. 

Here I will discuss a blogging platforms from where you can easily start a blog absolutely free

So I will discuss about which is google product & is most trusted platform along with these the is also good to start provides you large number of themes which you can use in your blog. blogger also provide widgets to give a good look to your blog.

So without wasting time let's discuss step by step on how to start blogging using

if you are beginner then read this blog post till the end to understand it in a better way.

blogging-platforms is best platform to start for beginners.

The images which are used in this post are only for better understanding. You will get better understanding step by step if you are new to blogging.

1)First step is go to the

2)When you will open there will be an sign in option at right top just click on it. And sign in it using your Google can make a new account if you does not have it.

3) when you will sign in there will be different options available in the left side as show below.

First you have to make a blog. For making a blog just click on the left side in new blog as shown in above figure.

4)In this there will be two option first you have to put title of your blog & in second you have to put URL of your blog when you will type URL or address of your blog it will show if the URL of your blog is available or not. As shown below.

On the availability of blog address you can select the blog address for your blog. & Can select theme for your blog.

Now after typing the title, blog address & selecting theme there will an option at right bottom create blog. You just have to click on the create blog.

5) after clicking on create blog a page will open in which you can start writing your blog or any topics which you are willing to start. You can create many posts in one blog.

6) you can use many options like bold or can change color of your text. You can add images to your blog but the images must not be copyright. 

You can also add links to your blog by using link on the top menu. When you will open or create blog .the different options you can use.

You can also add labels to your blog. Which is a category of your blogs.

After writing blog or the topic you just want to click on the publish which is provided on the top right side.

You can also preview your blog before publishing it. As shown below.

In left side there are two tabs.

Compose l HTML

In compose mode you have to write all the text of your blog or the topics which are you willing to write & also you can add images & videos in your blog.

HTML- you have to do nothing in this section as it is the coding section of your blog.

All the work which you have to do is in compose section.

you can also start blogging using different platforms but if you are beginners than you can go with as it is easy to use & absolutely free platform.

⇒How to make money blogging for beginners

As i have already discuss above that you can earn money by your blog but its not easy you have to consider all factors as to earn money your article ranking should be good you have to do a lot of research & hardwork as there are lots of ways from where you can earn from your blog one of which is by putting ads on your blogs as you can connect your blog with google adsense & can start earning but again it is not so much easy you have to be updated daily with new articles as there is more competition in blogging there are lots of articles which are published daily so you need to work hard & have to consider all factors.

we will discuss factors which you should consider while making a blog & the different ways through which you can earn from your blog or website in next article.

Blogging for beginners can be easy if you decide a right blogging platform.

so friends i hope that this article about Blogging for beginners will help you all to start blogging easily.

if any queries than you can contact me through the form which is provided in the website or you can comment.

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