Six ways to increase your knowledge(step by step)

            how to increase your knowledge

Hello friends, 

Welcome back to the journey of learning something new & creative

Today's topic is about how to increase your knowledge.

I will discuss six different ways through which you can increase your basic, technical & general knowledge easily.

As knowledge has no limit it is limitless.according to me knowledge means that we have something information about that thing. 

Example if you are studying any topic whether it may technical or non-technical you have knowledge about that particular topic. But here is the question how can we increase more knowledge about that particular thing or increase your general knowledge?? The answer of this question we will discuss at the end of this post. So to know this answer stay connected with me.

how to increase your knowledge

So Friends let discuss about how to increase your knowledge.

➡️First way.

Self learning- this is the best way to increase your knowledge as if you are a self learner it will take you a very high in your life. Self learning means you first analysis the things or try to learn by yourself something new by yourself. This  means you are self-motivated in learning new things & reaching the goal which you have made in your life.self learning helps to increase your knowledge very fast and in right direction.

➡️Second way 

Increase your knowledge through books- the second way of gaining knowledge is through books. As books are best source of knowledge make the books your friend. Books will really help you to increase your knowledge very fast & along with it will also help you to gain something new & creative things which you can apply to your life.the books may be technical related, non-technical, commercial, general knowledge, etc.


➡️Third way-

Increase your knowledge through blogs- I think this is the best way to increase your knowledge by reading blogs or by making own blogs this will really help you to gain extra knowledge & to create & build a self-confidence. As blogs are the key to gain knowledge & can help you learn something new in a very creative way. As I am writing this post I am feeling that i am upgrading myself. So this is the best & new method to learn new things.there are also many E-learning websites which helps you to learn absolutely free like ex- learndigital.withgoogle.com
Any many more websites are there which helps you to gain knowledge & provide online courses.

➡️Forth way-

Increase your knowledge through news papers & watching TV- this way is the oldest way which I think is good as it helps us to know the daily news which are happening in world or in your country where you are living. News paper helps us to understand each news in detail & also helps us to be updated. Some channels in TV like national geographic, Technical channels may also helps us to increase knowledge very fast.

Increase your knowledge through news papers

➡️Fifth way-

Increase your knowledge through internet- this is also a best way to increase your knowledge. You can easily increase your knowledge through internet & social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp which are nowadays a great way to gain knowledge in a very fast & effective way.facebook have become a great source for gaining knowledge & to share or promote your business, website etc.

Increase your knowledge through internet

➡️Sixth way-

Increase your knowledge through YouTube-
This is the greatest​ way of increasing your knowledge as it is greatest source of knowledge. You can also open your own YouTube channel if you have good knowledge in any particular field. The different youtube channels are growing which are really helpful & motivated. There are many technical YouTube channel & motivational channels which are helping people to gain knowledge. So YouTube is the best source of knowledge to learn new & creative things.

Increase your knowledge through youtube

And i think along with this there may be different ways through which you can increase your knowledge.

As I have discussed earlier in starting that the knowledge is limitless. It does not have any limit.

We should take inspiration from the people that started from zero & have changed the world with Their own ideas & innovation.

So now it's time to give the answer of the question which I have told that I will give it at the end of the post.

The question​ was how can we increase knowledge about the particular thing??

I think that you all have got the answer.

Its very simple you can take help of any one way which I have discussed in this post.

I hope that this post will really help all to increase their knowledge very fast.

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  1. Investment in knowledge is the best investment....learning is continous process ..not restricted by time or space...
    Thank you

  2. I find I do blogs and internet the most! There is so much information at our fingertips!


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