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hello!! do you want to learn digital marketing basics?? are you a beginner want to learn some basics of digital marketing then you are at the right place in this blog post i will be discussing about some basics of digital marketing and how you can learn digital marketing for free along with certificate??

Welcome to the journey of learning something new & creative in simple way.

so first lets discuss about what is digital marketing??

➡️it is a way of marketing of your business,services or products online as anyone when do marketing of their business or services online by using various digital platforms it may be social media marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, Seo(search engine optimization), Sem(search engine marketing) etc. then it is known as digital marketing.

As digital marketing is a vast field it has different modules which you can learn an can grow your business online.

digital marketing basics

 people define digital in various types. According some people digital means to work online or digital means online methods of marketing.

According to me digital means online. It is a way through which we can grow yourself & can work online. It means online mode in which we can pay online, transfer online money & the best think is that we can make our own websites & can generate great revenue.

Now many people will ask that how can we earn through making own websites?? learn basics of digital marketing

It's simple way is learning online digital marketing courses or you can make your own websites or blog using platform like or WordPress.

to learn digital marketing you need to do practically by creating your own blog or website.

it is easy to create own blog or website to create blog or website you need to buy domain & hosting or even you can make a free blog using, or other free platforms blogger provides free hosting and sub-domain which you can use and create a blog for free.want to know different blogging platforms you can also read best blogging platforms

what does digital marketing includes??

it  includes various modules 

➡️Search engine optimization (S.E.O).

➡️it includes search engine marketing(S.E.M).

➡️about how to build E-commerce store using Shopify & magento.

➡️About how can we use free analytics tools like Google search console to improve or rank our websites on Google search engine.

➡️ tools like Google keyword planner which is used for deciding keywords which we should use for our websites to rank better in Google search engine, Google web analytics, local listing using Google my business tool and many more.

➡️digital marketing is a vast field the main parts includes in digital marketing are

≻seo(search engine optimization),
≻sem(search engine marketing)
≻content marketing.
≻video marketing.
≻e-mail marketing.
≻affiliate marketing.
≻social media marketing.
≻Smo(social media optimization)
≻inbound marketing.
≻web developing.
≻app developing etc.

SEO- Seo is a free process in which you try to rank your blog or website on search engine like google, bing etc. by considering various factors like quality of content, website structure doing on page seo & off page seo of your blog or website, loading speed of website, meta description, title, keywords, etc.
there are more than 200 factors which are consider by google while ranking any website or blog.

Sem- it is a paid process in which you try to rank your website by running campaign and it take less time you need to consider various factors while running campaign for your blog or website to run campaign you need to pay to google.

content marketing- it is way of marketing in which you do marketing of your content on various platforms content may be in form of text, images, infographics, videos rank website on search engine high quality content matters a lot.

video marketing- when you do marketing of video online then it is know as video marketing is also a part of digital marketing.
you can create your own youtube channel also and can make videos related to your business and can target right audience.

e-mail marketing- it is a way of marketing in which you do marketing through e-mail means in your website or blog you add widget or plugin which tells people to subscribe your blog an when people subscribe to your blog they subscribe by entering their name & email id this way they allow you to send messages directly to their inbox on their e-mail id this way you can further send business related information or updates or even whenever you publish new blog post you can send to them on their e-mail id and can grow your business this way you can do e-mail marketing.

affiliate marketing- you promote various company products through your blog and when people purchase it then you get commission from that company for selling their products.
 means you can join various affiliate program of various company and can earn commission from that company whenever some one buy from your website through that affiliate link which is given by that company.
you can apply for affiliate programs by going to their website and if you get approve they provide you an affiliate link or some html code which you can put in your website or blog. 

social media marketing- when you do marketing of your business or services on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn etc. then it is known as social media marketing it is a paid process means you need to pay for running campaign.

 social media optimization- when you try to rank your website, blog, video or any other content in social media platforms by considering various factors like keywords, using hashtags etc. means you properly optimize your content in such a way that it will rank on social media platforms then it is known as social media optimization(Smo)

➡️So friends the first think you need to do is to make your own websites or blogs using blogger or wordpress platform which is absolutely​ free you don't need to pay in blogger for hosting your website.

want to know how you can make your free website using blogger then read this how to make a free blog or website 

 further you can buy your own domain. There are lots of website through which you can buy domain like Godaddy in which domain starts only 99rs. And there are many more websites through which you can buy domain. Domain is the name of your business or which you own. Like example: while hosting means a space or storage which are required to store file or other data of your website or blog.

You can also buy domain free using Freenom in which you will get domain like .tk,ml etc.


i will discuss it with example how you can do marketing of your business or services online.

for example- suppose if you have your own shop offline in this example i will take a clothes shop ok.
now you want to grow your business online means you want to sell your product online then first step which you need to do is to create awareness about your product for that you can do paid marketing also like using Facebook for doing marketing you can run campaign and can target right audience along with this you can can also create content for your business to develop awareness about your business so that more people can know about your business.

you can do content marketing that is you can create your own blog or website and can share content in your blog related to your business and can target the right audience.

 It can be done by making online own E-commerce store which are very easy nowdays because there are many platform like shopify which helps you to make your own E-COMMERCE store. Also you can make blog using blogger & wordpress.

if you don't know how to create e-commerce store online then you can also take help of web developer you can also make app for your own business.

you can do e-mail marketing, video marketing etc. 

want to know how you can sell your products online using various platform then you can also read how to sell products online

➤below are some important points which you should keep in mind while making a website or blog.

mobile responsive website
make your website mobile responsive

➤Mobile responsive website

make mobile responsive website as if your website will be mobile responsive than it will help visitors to understand your content, images, ads & overlook which will help people to remain in your website for longer time which is a great sign towards success for any business owners which have their own websites. You can test your website as whether it is mobile responsive or not by using tool like mobile-friendly test by Google.

➤Add widgets

widgets includes adding contact form, search bar, related posts, followers button, & many more for your website for better look which will help users if they have any query & also it will attract visitors towards your website.

➤Go through social media

one of the best way for growing  of your website is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, twitter & many more which will increase your website visitors along with it will give a boost to your website.

➤Add descriptive name for your images

it is the best way for ranking your website on Google by using descriptive name for your images & use alt text. As it helps search engine to make clear understanding about your images & content which you have used in your website.

➤Use analytics tool

this is the best tool as this measures the performance of your website about click through rates (CTR) & Many more for your website which helps you to understand that where is the problem and how to fix that problem for improving your website & ranking in search engine. Google search console is the best & free tool which you can use for your website & many more tools like Google analytics for tracking your website performance.

➤Use best title & description

this is the main part before creating any website as it is very important for ranking on search engine, the title must be short & clear which defines your website is what about. You should add a short & clear description for your website. 

➤Use keywords

proper keywords for your website will help you to rank better on Google search engine. you can use different paid & free keywords research tools for keywords research.

if you are beginner then you need to select low competition  keywords & long tail keywords.

desktop responsive website

➤Make you website desktop responsive

to have better look for people who are visiting your website through desktop or laptop you should make your website desktop responsive. Which will help people to understand your topics & clear navigations.

➤Make proper navigation for your website

it is necessary to have proper navigation about all pages of your website as this will help people to understand your pages & will not have difficulty in finding pages. If your navigation for your website like Example- home, contact us , about us , topics & many pages which you have maked in your website is not clear than the visitor will get confused & will leave your website which is not a good sign for your website. So you should always have clear navigations for your website.

➤Use images & videos

you can also add images & videos in your website to attract more visitors. As it improves the presence of your website.

➤Make your website look better to attract visitors

it is an challenging to make your website look better for attracting more visitors or customers.the best way is to make your website simple & attractive.
There are various templates & widgets which you can use to give a nice look to your websites or blog.

Learning​ digital marketing is important to grow your business & for spreading your business globally.

For going digitally it is important to develop the customer faith & improvement in your service which your customers needs. Along with it is also important to improve your website with updating & upgrade Technology. 

➤Add payment gateway

You can also add gateway to your website like PayPalpaytmGoogle Tez, & many more service which you can use for better payment service in your website so that people can directly pay through your website.

instamojo is also a good platform to add payment gateway in your website.

to learn more about digital marketing keep visiting website as i regular upload new post on digital marketing topics.

now how you will learn more about digital marketing?? how to do free digital marketing course?? 

There are many websites & Institutes which help you to learn digital marketing courses by paying & some websites are helping to learn absolutely free like

The above websites gives us an opportunity to learn absolutely free digital marketing basic course. 

As it contains some lessons with videos which we want to complete & by completing it the final exam is taken if which we complete then a certificate is given for completing this course by Google garage.

It is an great opportunity to learn absolutely free digital marketing course online.

There are also some other websites & Institute which are paid. means you need to spend money for doing digital marketing course some courses are online while some are offline.

i hope that this information about digital marketing basics will help you. keep visiting our website to learn more about digital marketing as i regularly upload blog post related to digital marketing, online earning tips, blogging, and other related topic if you like this blog post then share it with your friends as sharing is caring.


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