Six ways to increase your knowledge(step by step)

Hello friends, 
Welcome back to the journey of learning something new & creative

Today's topic is about six ways to increase your knowledge.

I will discuss six different ways through which you can increase your basic, technical & general knowledge easily.

As knowledge has no limit it is limitless.according to me knowledge means that we have something information about that thing. 
Example if you are studying any topic whether it may technical or non-technical you have knowledge about that particular topic. But here is the question how can we increase more knowledge about that particular thing or increase your general knowledge?? The answer of this question we will discuss at the end of this post. So to know this answer stay connected with me.

SixWays to increase your knowledge.

So Friends let discuss about various ways through which you can increase your knowledge.

➡️First way.

Self learning- this is the best way to increase your knowledge as if you are a self learner it will take you a very high in your life. Self learning means you first analysis the things or try to learn by yourself something new by yourself. This  means you are self-motivated in learning new things & reaching the goal which you have made in your life.self learning helps to increase your knowledge very fast and in right direction.

➡️Second way 

Increase your knowledge through books- the second way of gaining knowledge is through books. As books are best source of knowledge make the books your friend. Books will really help you to increase your knowledge very fast & along with it will also help you to gain something new & creative things which you can apply to your life.the books may be technical related, non-technical, commercial, general knowledge, etc.
Increase knowledge through books

➡️Third way-

Increase your knowledge through blogs- I think this is the best way to increase your knowledge by reading blogs or by making own blogs this will really help you to gain extra knowledge & to create & build a self-confidence. As blogs are the key to gain knowledge & can help you learn something new in a very creative way. As I am writing this post I am feeling that i am upgrading myself. So this is the best & new method to learn new things.there are also many E-learning websites which helps you to learn absolutely free like ex- learndigital.withgoogle.com
Any many more websites are there which helps you to gain knowledge & provide online courses.

➡️Forth way-

Increase your knowledge through news papers & watching TV- this way is the oldest way which I think is good as it helps us to know the daily news which are happening in world or in your country where you are living. News paper helps us to understand each news in detail & also helps us to be updated. Some channels in TV like national geographic, Technical channels may also helps us to increase knowledge very fast.
Increase your knowledge through news papers

➡️Fifth way-

Increase your knowledge through internet- this is also a best way to increase your knowledge. You can easily increase your knowledge through internet & social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp which are nowadays a great way to gain knowledge in a very fast & effective way.facebook have become a great source for gaining knowledge & to share or promote your business, website etc.
Increase your knowledge through internet

➡️Sixth way-

Increase your knowledge through YouTube-
This is the greatest​ way of increasing your knowledge as it is greatest source of knowledge. You can also open your own YouTube channel if you have good knowledge in any particular field. The different youtube channels are growing which are really helpful & motivated. There are many technical YouTube channel & motivational channels which are helping people to gain knowledge. So YouTube is the best source of knowledge to learn new & creative things.
Increase your knowledge through youtube

And i think along with this there may be different ways through which you can increase your knowledge.

As I have discussed earlier in starting that the knowledge is limitless. It does not have any limit.

We should take inspiration from the people that started from zero & have changed the world with Their own ideas & innovation.

So now it's time to give the answer of the question which I have told that I will give it at the end of the post.

The question​ was how can we increase knowledge about the particular thing??

I think that you all have got the answer.

Its very simple you can take help of any one way which I have discussed in this post.

I hope that this post will really help all to increase their knowledge very fast.

Comments us regarding this post so that we can improve more.

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How to rank your website on search engine​

How to rank your website on search engine.

Hello friends,
How to rank your website is the most asked questions by the people. First think you need is to understand about the whole process of S.E.O(Search engine optimization).
Read this for better understanding about S.E.O(search engine optimization)

First of all wish you all happy raksha badhan as today is 26 august. raksha badhan a festival of brother & sister.as in this festival sister ties rakhi on brother hand. And brother promise his sister that he will protect her from difficulties & support him.

So whithout wasting time  let's discuss about how to rank your website.

First step.

The very first step is to make your website. Read this 
How to create a website
Then the keywords & appearance​ of website is most important to rank your website.the keywords must be short & clear & you can use also long tail keywords for your website.for the keywords of your website you can take help of Google keywords planner. 

Second step

Second step is to submit your website to Google search engine.
For submitting your website to Google search engine you can use Google search console which is formely known as webmaster tool. As it is absolutely free. Webmaster tool is the best tool as it helps to submit your website or app very easily.
You need to follow the given below steps for clear understanding of webmaster tool.

1) to rank your website or app you need to verify your website.
Go to webmaster tool➡️sign it using your Google account. Sign in option will be given on top right side➡️under that first you will to add property & is to verify your website. To verify your website just click on add property given on the top right side.as show below in figure.
Adding property to your website

When you will click on add property a box will appear in which you have to put a URL of you website Ex: https://www.example.com or https://example.com
If you does not have https setting for your website you can also add property using http. Ex- http://example.com

Just click on add property➡️box will appear➡️place your URL in this box➡️ click on save➡️now you need to verify your website. To verify your website there are generally 4-5 methods but the best way is using html tags➡️after adding property to website a message will come the property is added sucessfully➡️now you need to go to the top left side on which there will be different options just click on all message just click on it.

After clicking on all message a page will open as show in below.

Improve the search presence of https://www.example.com

After that clicking on the message a new page will open. In that that will be various settings of your website like- add a site, set preferred version,choose country,manage site user etc.

You have to just click on manage site user & your mail id will come just tick in it & in that go to the manage property owner on right top side as show below in figure.

Manage property

When you will click on manage property owners a new page will open & there will be two option just click on verify using a different method.

The various options will come through which you can verify your website. The simplest way is using HTML tag.

Here I will explain how you can verify your website using HTML tag.
For this first you need to click on HTML tag under that click on meta tags.
Now an link will come in the box. You just need to copy that link an have to paste it below the <head> in your website html.

To go to the website html & paste in the website just follow given below instructions.

Go to blogger.com➡️sign in it➡️on left side just click on theme➡️Edit html➡️under that click on center & press ctrl + f, a search box will appear there you need to search for <head> & just paste it below it.

Now go again to webmaster tool & just click on verify.

Now the message will come you have successfully verified.

Third step

The third step is to submit sitemap of website.
To submit sitemap follow given below steps.

After verifying your website go to dashboard of webmaster tool➡️in left side there will be different options just click on sitemap➡️click on add sitemap
➡️a box will appear just in that you to place your sitemap of your website. To check your website sitemap just go to your website Ex- www.example.com/sitemap.xml
Now you have to just type sitemap.xml in given box.
Just type sitemap.xml in given box & submit it.you can also test your sitemap.xml.
By submitting website sitemap it become simple for search engine to crawl your website.

Fetch as Google- this is new feature of webmaster tool as this is used to fetch & will show you how your website will appear in search engines & also show if their is any errors in website.

By performing all the above three steps you can easily submit your website in search engine.

Webmaster tool also use to improve your website & we can check for error which occurs in our website & can easily fix them using webmaster tool

Now how to rank your website

Here are some tips to rank your website.

For ranking your website in search engine you need to keep regular new post. You have to create new post with high quality content & with proper keywords.

The second major thing is to create back links for your website.

The other method is to share your posts in social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter etc.

To rank your website you need to work very hard it's very hard to rank your website but it is not impossible. You need to create high quality content.
Read this for more information
Steps you should follow for your new website.

The process of S.E.O(search engine optimization) is given below.

First crawl: in this process the examine of your website is done in which robot.txt acts like spider & gives informations of your website to search engine.

Second index- this is fileing of your website each pages & get indexing​.

Third final appear on search engine- after performing the above two process finally​ your website appears in the search engine.

Example- when you give any exam you first examine the question paper & write your answer of questions which are given in exam & after that submit your paper & finally the result of your exam comes.like this way the search engine works.

Some questions that people have.

Why my sitemap is still showing pending??
It takes around 24-48 hours after you have submitted the sitemap.
Further if your website sitemap takes time then you can delete sitemap and submit it second time.

What is robot.txt ??

It is like a spider. It help the search engine to collect the content & information of your website easily.

How to check whether my website is on Google or not??

It's very simple you just need to search
For site:"www.example.com"
Or site:"example.com"

For more queries you can directly go to webmaster tool & in that on left side there is an help option.

Why you should start blogging??


How to customize blog theme in blogger

Customize your blog or website

Hello friends,
Today I am going to discuss about how can you customize your website or blog in blogger.

1)To customize your website simply follow below given steps.

2)First go to blogger.com and sign in it using your Google account.

3)On left side there will be theme. Just click on theme. As shown below in figure.
The figure here used is only to explain that when you will sign in on left side you have to go to theme.

theme customise

4)When you will click on theme the two option will come first customizing & second Edit html.

5)Click on customizing.

6)After clicking on customizing the new window will open in that you can do necessary setting of your blog or website.

7)In this there are many options avaliable where you can change color of your header & can add different design for your blog.

8)Background color change & many more which make your website look different from others.

If you are expert in design then you can give a nice look to your website or blog.

Explaination in a simple way how to go to customize in blogger.

Go to blogger.com➡️theme➡️ customizing➡️in this you can make necessary changes like can change colors & font & can make your website look better & professional.

I hope that this information will help you to customize your theme easily.

How to connect your custom domain with blogger

Connect your custom domain in blogger

First step is to buy domain. 

So I will discuss how you can buy domain using godaddy.

To buy domain just follow the below step.

⇒First go to godaddy.com

When you will go to godaddy.com

⇒A search bar will appear where you have to search for your domain which you want.

Like EX: yourdomain.com, your domain.in, yourdomain.info if they are available then it will show in result.

⇒Then just proceed to add to cart & fill the informations like name, address etc.

⇒After that you have to do payment for domain. The domain price may vary time to time in godaddy.com 

⇒After that proceed further & the process of buying domain is over.

Now it's time connect your custom domain with blogger.

First go to blogger.com➡️ go to settings in left side➡️basic➡️ publishing​➡️+set up thirt party URL for your blog➡️add your new custom domain name in it ex: www.yourdomain.com➡️click on save. When you will click on save it will show error & it will ask to set your custom domain DNS settings.

How to do DNS setting of your custom domain.

So for this you want to go from where you have purchased your domain ex: godaddy.com➡️sign in it➡️go to my products➡️in that your domain will be there➡️just click on DNS settings➡️now you have to add two CNAME & 4 (A) RECORDS

First I will discuss how you will add two CNAME:

When you will click on DNS settings of your custom domain ex:  in godaddy.com then a page will come there you have to add 2CNAME 

Now in this page you have to see whether www is avaliable or not.

If www is avaliable in www line click on edit.

Now you have to come again in blogger.com in that the page which is showing error. there will be two host & point.you have to just put that in DNS settings of custom domain & will have to create 4 (A) records.

For more information regarding setting of cname & 4A records you can go to the help section which is provided in the main page of blogger dashboard on left side. or you can directly click on the setting option which is there in that page which is showing error.

After setting CNAME & 4A records page which is showing error. Then just click on save. After clicking on save if the error still occur than you have to just wait for 30 minutes. Keep checking it. And after that again click on save. If you have completed then in that click on edit & just below it tick on the the small box showing redirect option. Just tick on the redirect option. & Now you are ready to use your website.

In some cases it might take 24 or more hours after DNS setting of custom domain. And in some cases it may take just only milliseconds.

It's depend on the server.

I hope this information will help you to set up your custom domain with blogger.


How to make website

Hello Friends,

How to make website is common questions that people have as it is very important to know for the people who are willing to make their own website.

Today I am going to discuss about how you can make your own website. There are different ways through which you can make your website.

I will discuss one by one method to create your own website.

website is very important for business owner or who are willing to grow their business online as its connects your audience or customers with you. as nowadays most of people are growing their business online its very important to have own website for growing your business globally website plays a major role.

through website you can easily sell your products or services online & can target the right audience. to reach your business to more people you can also do S.E.O( search engine optimization) of website or you can do S.E.M( Search engine marketing) paid advertising to reach to more people to know more about what is S.E.O And S.E.M You can also read Seo vs Sem

to attract more vistors you can also write  some content on your website which will help to grow your website fast

before discussing about How to make website you should know about types of website.

the website may be of different types it may be blogging website(where you write or share your knowlege), E-commerce website(through which you sell your products), service providing website(through which you provide different services to your website), jobs website etc.

Nowadays it has become very easy to create own website within 10-15 minutes.

The very common way is using wix.com  It allows you to make own websites.

You can also make website using godaddy.com( to create website you need to buy hosting & domain)

Can also create website using webnode.com

Some of the websites are paid & some of website create website for free.

here we are going to discuss about how to make website for free using blogger.com

How to create free website.

If your are thinking to create free website or blog the best way is using blogger.com

Important things you should know before creating your website

1) what is domain??
Domain is the address of your website it's depend on you what domain you select.
It is just like your home address.

The domain should not be very much big. It should be easy and short that people can easily  remember when they visit your website next time.

2) what is hosting??

Hosting is server where all of your information like images, data, etc are stored.

You have to buy the hosting for your website.
There are different hosting provider.
One of which is hostguard, bluehost.com etc.

The above are the two things which you should know before creating your website.

I will discuss that how can we make free website using blogger.

i will discuss six simple steps through which you can easily make your blog or website

The blogger is best platform for creating blog as it is a Google product.

Blogger.com provides free hosting & subdomain you do not need to pay it's absolutely free. But if you wish to buy your own domain you can buy it. To get information about how to buy your own domain go to step forth.

Follow the given below steps to make your own website free.

➡️First you have to make simply a blog for more information about how to create blog click on below link.

First step for making website

first step is to create a blog as it is very simple just go to blogger.com & to know more just click on the above link.

after making blog you can use blogger free subdomain blogspot.com but i recommend that you should buy domain as as by having own custom domain you have full control on your content & and it creates professional look to know more about how to buy custom domain read second step.

➡️Second step.

You have to buy a custom domain. It's your choice you can either purchase domain from godaddy or you can directly buy it from Google.

The starting of domain is from 99rs in godaddy.com

To know about how to buy custom domain go to step forth to get more knowledge on how to make website just click on below link.

Get more knowledge about making your own website

➡️Third step.

The hosting which you not need to buy as the blogger provide free hosting. You did not need to buy any hosting if you are using blogger.com it is absolutely free.

if you are willing to make a professional website & a website in which you can customize it easily then you can make a website using wordpress as most of people make website using wordpress for making website using wordpress you need to buy hosting & domain both you can buy hosting & domain from godaddy.com, hostgator, siteground, bluehost etc.

➡️Forth step.

Connect your domain to blogger or your website.

Ex- as your blog you created it's URL or subdomain is exampleblogspot.com

After connecting your custom domain to blog it will get convert into example.com.

It's your choice which domain you buy it may be .com, .org , .info, .net etc.

The .com is the high level domain.

You can buy free domain also if you are don't willing to spend money on buying domain. Freenom.com is free domain provider from which you can buy domain easily.

to know more about how to connect custom domain to your blog just click below link.

Know about how to buy custom domain & how to connect it with blogger??

➡️Fifth step.

Fifth step is basic setting of your blog or website.after connecting custom domain to blog you need to do some basic setting for your website just click below link to know more.

Do basic setting of your blog or website

➡️Sixth step

After connecting your domain to your blog or website & doing Basic settings. It's time for customizing theme of your website.

How to customize theme of my website or blog

Congratulations​ you have created your website.

By following above six step you can easily make your own website.

website plays a major role in connecting customers with your service or business so website should be seo friendly which takes less time to load & website look should be attractive & simple.

As website helps you to grow your business globally if you have a blog through which you share your knowlege & experience in any field then you can also earn from your blog by displaying ads on your blog by using google adsense that we will discuss in another post.

So friends i hope that this post about How to make website  will help you all if you have any query than you can comments us regarding this post or can contact me through the contact form which is provided in this website.


Blogging basic settings


Hello friends,
Today I am going to discuss step by step about the basic settings for blogger blog.

Welcome back,
If you are blogger and want to know about how to do the all the basic settings of your blog or website in blogger then you are at right place.

Follow the given below steps.

1) sign in to blogger.com using your Google account.if you do not have Google account then you can create it easily. 

2) when you will sign in at the left side there will be a setting option.as shown below figure. The below figure is only used to explain how it will look when you will click on settings.

3) click on the settings the different options will come as shown in above figure.

Now I will tell you step by step about each settings in blogger.

→Basic- this is the basic setting of your blog.
This includes- 

 blog title- you have to write your blog title in this box

 blog description​- you have to add description of your blog in this section.

Privarcy- in this section you have to tick on yes on both as it describes that your blog is visible to search engine & is in blogger list.
Just tick yes.

HTTPS setting- you have to just click yes under this setting as your blog when viewed by people it will be in HTTPS secure connection. 
Blogger provide free HTTPS for blogs & also for custom domain.

→Post, comment & sharing- this section provides you about how much post you want to show in your main home page You can select it, & it includes basic comments setting for your blog that your choice whether you want to do comments setting or not.

→E-mail- you can place different e-mails by just separate​ by comma. This is basic email settings which you can do for your blog.

→Language & formatting- in this section you can change your blog language. & Also the date, time according to your country. Also you can use translator in your blog.

→Search prefrences- this is the most important section as it is S.E.O(search engine optimization) setting of your blog.
Step by step I will tell you about each setting.
Meta description- it is the tags or keyword of your blog.you have to write the very small description about your blog under 150words.you can use words separate by comma.

You have to do properly settings in this section any incorrect use can cause your blog being ignore by search engine 

You can add robot.txt & custom robot head text to your blog.

Custom Robot head text setting

Remember that this is an very important setting for your blog or website as you are telling to search engine that what pages & posts you have to index or have not to index . Means search engine will only show that content or posts which you want to like to appear on search engine.

First go to SETTING➡️SEARCH PREFRENCE ➡️ go to custom Robot head text.

You have to enable so click on yes to enable under this there will be options avaliable so for that follow the below given instructions.

First section is 
Home page.
In that tick only on the all option don't tick another given option only tick on all.

Second section is 
Archive & search pages:
In that tick on noindex & noarchive leave other option only tick on noindex & noarchive.

Third section is default for posts & pages:

In this tick on all & leave other option.

And after that just click on save changes.

→Other- in this section you can delete your blog, can manage your video, and can also add Google analytics web property ID for your blog.

→User settings- in this section you can add your profile as there are two option given in this section from which you have to select any one profile for your blog. It's your choice which profile you have to select for your blog. It may be your blogger or Google+ profile & along with this you can set language.

Permalink setting for blog- this option is avaliable at the right side when you are writing your blog it will appear on right side.you can set the permalink for your blog.
Automatic permalink- this link will be automatically generated you have to do nothing. But if you want your custom permalink than just click on custom under permalink and set it which you want & press on done button.
You can set your permalink it is according to your title which you have put for your blog.
Ex- as my title is Blogging basic setting.
You can set custom permalink as Blogging-basic-setting.

Add labels- to add labels or tags in your blog just click on the top right side where you are writing your blog.
Under that you can write tags or labels separated by comma. 
In this you have to just write labels which are related to your blog post.

All the above are just basic setting which you should know before starting Blogging in blogger.com

I hope this will help for beginners.


How to add gadgets in blogger blog

How to add Gadgets in blogger blog.

Hello friends today I am going to discuss how can you add gadgets to your blogger blog very easily.

Adding Gadgets in blogger blog is easy & simple. To add Gadgets in blog follow the below given steps.

1) sign in to blogger.com using your Gmail account.

2) on the left side there will be different options available just click on the layout.

3) by clicking on layout on sidebar, footer, or at cross- column  there will be an add gadgets option just click on add gadgets.

4) by clicking on add Gadgets there will by around 29-30 gadgets avaliable there from that you can select any of the Gadgets that you want.as show below in figure. 
Below figure is only used to explain how gadget will look when you will go to the layout.

5) by following above 4 steps you can easily add Gadgets to your blogger blog.

Before adding Gadgets you must know what are gadgets in blogger.

The gadgets are type of widgets which are used to add more informations to your blog.

Gadgets are used to add more features to your blog. There are around 29-30 gadgets which you can use in your blogs.

The gadgets which you can use in your blog is shown below.

AdSense ads- this are used to add ads in your blog through adsense you can add AdSense ads in your blog only after you get fully adsense approved account for your blog.

Contact form- use to add contact form to your blog.

Search- used to add search bar in your blog.

Your profile- this is used to add your profile to your blog it may be your blogger profile or your Google+ profile 

Along this there are many gadgets which you can use in your blog to give nice look to your blog. You can also add subscribe to your blog.

If you are using WordPress then you can add different widgets to your blog & also there are large number of themes which you can add to your blog for better look.


Blogging for beginners

Blogging for beginners

Hello friends,

Are you a beginner??
want to know about blogging so you are at the right place today we are going to discuss about what is a blog & about types of blog as many people have confusion about from where to start.

➡️ Blogging for beginners  sometimes become difficult as they don't know from where to start & sometimes it's create a confusion.

things which you all will get to learn from this Article

what is a blog??
different types of blogs??
from where to start a blog??
different blogging platforms??
how to create profitable blog??

So friends today I am going to discuss step by step that from where you can start blogging. There are various platforms avaliable to start blogging. The two most good blogging platform  used by most of people are WordPress.com & blogger.com.

So lets begin,

What is a blog

What is a blog: A blog is your website in which you write articles or post in which you are good in & after that you can also submit your blog on search engine like google search engine, yahoo & also in Bing. you can also read this how to submit & rank your website on search engine                               
➡️Basically blog is a way through which you can write content on niche which you have selected & also can share your experience through blog in what ever field you have Example-if some one is good in teaching than he can also start a educational blog, if some one is good in technology field then he can start a techanical blog & if some one is good in cooking then he or she can start a cooking blog & there are lots of topics in which you can right a blogs.

➡️Before starting a blog the very first thing is to decide the niche & after deciding a particular niche you can start writing blog & after writing a blog you can publish your blog online.

➡️The good thing is that we can also add images on blog & can also add videos but the images should not be copyright.

➡️very first thing is decide the niche for your blog as i already discuss above some examples you can start a blog & can decide a niche in which you are good in you have to decide particular topic in which you can write more & more.

Different types of blogs

As discussed earlier in example the blogs may be of different types.

➡️Educational blog
➡️Cooking blog
➡️Technical blog
➡️Fashion blog
➡️Sports blog
➡️Inspirational blog
➡️Product review blog,Etc

The above are some example of blogs which you can start along with this you can start various blogs in various field in which you are expert in & you can also earn with your blog by connecting your blog with google adsense.

As blog is a good source of knowledge its's help people to gain knowledge to rank your blog on search engine your blog should have high quality content & articles & along with this your articles should be attractive & long so that more visitors can engage with it there are lots of factors involve in ranking of your blog or website which we will discuss in another article.

from where to start a blog

There are different blogging platforms from where you can start blogging some of the blogging platform are:Best blogging platforms

Here I will discuss a blogging platform from which you can easily start a blog absolutely free

So I will discuss about blogger.com which is google product & is most trusted platform along these the WordPress.com is also good to start blogging  it provides you large number of themes which you can use in your blog. blogger also provide widgets to give a good look to your blog.

So without wasting time let's discuss step by step about how to start blogging using blogger.com


Start blogging using blogger.com is best platform for starting blogging for beginners.

The images which are used in this post are only for better understanding. You will get better understanding step by step if you are new to blogging.

1)First step is go to the blogger.com

2)When you will open blogger.com there will be an sign in option at right top just click on it. And sign in it using your Google account.you can make a new account if you does not have it.

3) when you will sign in there will be different options available in the left side as show below.

First you have to make a blog. For making a blog just click on the left side in new blog as shown in above figure.

4)In this there will be two option first you have to put title of your blog & in second you have to put URL of your blog when you will type URL or address of your blog it will show if the URL of your blog is available or not. As shown below.

On the availability of blog address you can select the blog address for your blog. & Can select theme for your blog.

Now after typing the title, blog address & selecting theme there will an option at right bottom create blog. You just have to click on the create blog.

5) after clicking on create blog a page will open in which you can start writing your blog or any topics which you are willing to start. You can create many posts in one blog.

6) you can use many options like bold or can change color of your text. You can add images to your blog but the images must not be copyright. 

You can also add links to your blog by using link on the top menu. When you will open or create blog .the different options you can use.

You can also add labels to your blog. Which is a category of your blogs.

After writing blog or the topic you just want to click on the publish which is provided on the top right side.

You can also preview your blog before publishing it. As shown below.

In left side there are two tabs.

Compose l HTML

In compose mode you have to write all the text of your blog or the topics which are you willing to write & also you can add images & videos in your blog.

HTML- you have to do nothing in this section as it is the coding section of your blog.

All the work which you have to do is in compose section.

you can also start blogging using different platforms but if you are beginners than you can go with the blogger.com as it is easy to use & absolutely free platform.

How to create a profitable blog

As i have already discuss above that you can earn money by your blog but its not easy you have to consider all factors as to earn money your article ranking should be good you have to do a lot of research & hardwork as there are lots of ways from where you can earn from your blog one of which is by putting ads on your blogs as you can connect your blog with google adsense & can start earning but again it is not so much easy you have to be updated daily with new articles as there is more competition in blogging there are lots of articles which are published daily so you need to work hard & have to consider all factors.

we will discuss factors which you should consider while making a blog & the different ways through which you can earn from your blog or website in next article.

Blogging for beginners can be easy if they decide a right blogging platform.

so friends i hope that this article about Blogging for beginners will help you all to start blogging easily.

if any queries than you can contact me through the form which is provided in the website or you can comment.



Why to start blogging

Why to start blogging is common questions that every people have whether they are newer to blogging or they are willing to start blogging.

Different People have different thinking about blogging.some people think blogging is for earning & some think that it is sources of knowledge or blogging means for increasing knowledge.

According to me blogging is a way to express your thoughts or knowledge & experience that we have in any field whether it may be technical or common knowledge. Before starting blogging you should know  why to start blogging.

You should do analysis before starting blogging​. You should not only start blogging for earning but should start it for sharing knowledge or to gain knowledge by continuous efforts. Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge that you have in any field it may technical, common knowledge, about recipe's, about products review, or it may be in different fields.

People have many questions about blogging.if you think that you have good knowledge in any field & you are good in  writing more & more about some topics than you should start blogging.

Blogging starts from the understanding or knowledge & experience that we are willing to share to people for increasing their knowledge. It helps people to gain more & more knowledge & increase their knowledge.

Why to start blogging & what is blogging is the first question that people have before starting blogging.

Now I think that you have decided the topic.

The next step is about how??

The second question that people have is how to start blogging.

Nowadays blogging is become simple as if anybody is willing to start blogging there are various platforms avaliable to start blogging absolutely free. 

Which platform you should select to start free blogging. Google provide a free platform for the bloggers who are willing to start blogging.

WordPress & blogger.com  can be used to start blogging.if you are a beginner than you should start either with blogger.com or wordpress.

WordPress offers many plugins, themes & widgets which we can use to make your blog look more attractive. Along with this you can also make an online store using WordPress.

Starting blogging is simple & easy as it does not require so much technical knowledge of coding or some special skills. Anyone can start blogging with good knowledge in any fields they have.

The bloggers are increasing day by day. So there are many opportunities in the blogging field. You can start your career with blogging if you think you have good knowledge in any fields.

Blogging is source of knowledge. Blogging​ is creating a new opportunities for the new bloggers who are willing to start their blog.

Before starting blogging you should gain more & more knowledge about it & should have clear understanding about it.

It is easy to start blogging but remember that to make career in blogging is not easy as you have to be updated & do a lot of Research about the topic which you are willing to start & you have to be regular with new posts.

Below are some Blogging platform from where you can start blogging⬇️

blogs are of different types it may be news blog, techanical blog, fashion blog, cooking blog, products reviews blog, educational blog etc. 

before starting a blog you should have a good knowledege about the topic which you are selecting for that you have to decide a particular niche & have to do lot of research about that topic.

So friends I hope that this information about blogging will really help you. if you are willing to start blogging or if you have already started blogging.


Learn digital basics

learn digital
Hello friends.
Welcome to the journey of learning something new & creative in simple way.

Learn digital online- people define digital in various types. According some people digital means to work online or digital means online methods of marketing.

According to me digital means online. It is a way through which we can grow yourself & can work online. It means online mode in which we can pay online, transfer online money & the best think is that we can make our own websites & can generate great revenue.

Now many people will ask that how can we earn through making own websites??

It's simple way is learning online digital marketing courses or you can make your own websites or blog using platform like blogger.com or wordpress.

Digital learning- it  includes learning of basics concept on marketing, Search engine optimization (S.E.O), ads like display & organics ads, it includes search engine marketing(S.E.M), about how to build E-commerce store using Shopify & magento, About how can we use free analytics tools like Google search console formely known as webmaster tool to improve or rank our websites on Google search engine, including this many tools like Google keyword planner which is used for deciding keywords which we should use in our websites to rank better in Google search engine, Google web analytics, local listing using Google my business tool and many more.

So friends the first think you need to do is to make your own websites or blogs using blogger or wordpress platform which is absolutely​ free you don't need to pay in blogger for hosting your website.

 further you can buy your own domain. There are lots of website through which you can buy domain like Godaddy in which domain starts only 99rs. And there are many more websites through which you can buy domain. Domain is the name of your business or which you own. Like www.onlineshop.com

You can also buy domain free using Freenom in which you will get domain like tk,ml etc.

go online

Go digitally- the digital is increasing day by day & through which we have a great opportunity to go digitally & increase you online presence for your own businesses which is offline. Go digitally means you can increase your business & make it broad globally. 

We have great opportunity to bring our business online & spread it globally.

It can be done by making online own E-commerce store which are very easy nowdays because there are many platform like shopify which helps you to make your own E-COMMERCE store. Also you can make websites using blogger & wordpress.

mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive website- make mobile responsive website as if your website will be mobile responsive than it will help visitors to understand your content, images, ads & overlook which will help people to remain in your website for longer time which is a great sign towards success for any business owners which have their own websites. You can test your website as wether it is mobile responsive or not by using tool like mobile-friendly test by Google.

Add widgets- widgets includes adding contact form, search bar, related posts, followers button, & many more for your website for better look which will help users if they have any query & also it will attract visitors towards your website.

Go through social media- one of the best way for growing  of your website is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, twitter & many more which will increase your website visitors along with it will give a boost to your website.

Add discriptive name for your images- it is the best way for ranking your website on Google by using discriptive name for your images & using alt text. As it helps search engine to make clear understanding about your images & content which you have used in your website.

Use analytics tool- this is the best tool as this measures the performance of your website about click through rates (CTR) & Many more for your website which helps you to understand that where is the problem and how to fix that problem for improving your website & ranking in search engine. Google search console is the best & free tool which you can use for your website & many more tools like Google web analytics for tracking your website performance.

Use best title & description- this is the main part before creating any website as it is very important for ranking on search engine, the title must be short & clear which defines your website is what about. You should add a short & clear discription for your website. 

Use keywords- proper keywords for your website will help you to rank better on Google search engine.

desktop responsive website

Make you website desktop responsive- to have better look for people which your visiting your website through desktop or laptop you should make your website desktop responsive. Which will help people to understand your topics & clear navigations.

Make proper navigation for your website- it is necessary to have proper navigation about all pages of your website as this will help people to understand your pages & will not have difficulty in finding pages. If your navigation for your website like Example- home, contact us , about us , topics & many pages which you have maked in your website is not clear than the visitor will get confused & will leave your website which is not a good sign for your website. So you should always have clear navigations for your website.

Use ads in your website- as ads are sometimes paid & free. If you will add ads to your website which is relevant to your content than it will be great benifits for increasing the traffic of your website. Through ads you can also retarget your customers.

Use images & videos- you can also add images & videos in your website to attract more visitors. As it improves the presence of your website.

Use different marketing strategy- for better engagement & increasing visitors in your website you can use different marketing strategies like E-mail marketing, videos marketing, ads, social media marketing, & many more.

There are many websites & Institutes which help you to learn digital marketing courses by paying & some websites are helping to learn absolutely free like learndigital.withgoogle.com
The above websites gives us an opportunity to learn absolutely free digital marketing course. 

As it contains some lessons with videos which we want to complete & by completing it the final exam is taken if which we complete then a certificate is given for completing this course by Google garage.
It is an great opportunity to learn absolutely free digital marketing course online.
 There are also some other websites & Institute which pay for doing digital course.

Make your website look better to attract visitors- it is an challenging to make your website look better for attracting more visitors or customers.the best way is to make your website simple & attractive.
There are various templates & widgets which you can use to give a nice look to your websites or blog.

Learning​ digital is important to grow your business & for spreading your business globally.

For going digitally it is important to develop the customer faith & improvement in your service which your customers needs. Along with it is also important to improve your website with updating & upgrade Technology. 

Add payment gateway- You can also add gateway to your website like PayPal, paytm, Google Tez, & many more service which you can use for better payment service in your website so that people can directly pay through your website.

I hope that this information about learn digital basic will help all of you to understand it in a very simple way.


For more topics & informations kindly visit my Google+ account.

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