what is the meaning of blogger

meaning of blogger

Do you know what is meaning of blogger?? & who are bloggers?? how bloggers earn &  how to become a blogger.

so friends in this blog post i will discuss the answer of above questions & we will also learn about blogging.

blogger are generally those who write blogs in simple words they are content writer.

blogger creates content & share this content online with the help of different blogging platforms.

generally who writes content or blog are know as blogger. so friends lets discuss in detail about what is the meaning of blogger.

blogger writes blog in form of different blog post generally blog is your personal website where you write regular content in the form of different blog posts.

meaning of blogger

anyone who has a good knowledge & experience in any field it may be cooking blog, personal blog, business blog, travelling blog, fashion blog, educational blog, tips sharing blog etc. can start a blog & can become a blogger. if you have good traffic to your blog then you can start earning from your blog but wait how you will get traffic to your blog?? that is another question which we will discuss next time in another blog post.

who are blogger 

bloggers are those who share their knowledge or any information in a particular field in which they are good in they share information & their experience in the content form in their blog.

after writing a blog post the blogger publish this blog post online as i have discuss above there are different blogging platforms from where we can start blogging  some blogging platforms are free while some are paid blogging platform means to create a blog you need to purchase hosting & domain.

 some blogging platforms provide free hosting & subdomain ex: blogger.com, wordpress.com, tumblr etc

you can create a free blog but rembember that with free blog you do not have full control over your content. the content may be remove anytime due to different reasons so to start blogging you should atleast buy your own domain if you can invest little more then you should also buy hosting.

it is easy to buy hosting & domain you can buy hosting from different hosting provider like bluehost, hostgator, godaddy etc.

before moving ahead first lets discuss about what is domain & hosting??

domain & hosting are a part of website without it you can't create a website or blog.

domain- domain is your blog address its just like your home address generally domain are of different extension like .com, .in, co.in, .net etc.

.com is high level domain  for example my domain name is www.godgitallyonline.com  you can buy domain of your choice & on the avaliabilty you can buy it. 

hosting- it is space or storage in which your blog files, images & other data are stored it is the server.
hosting are of different types- shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting.

to start a blog you need to consider some factors & have to do a lot of research.

steps to create a blog

steps which are included in creating blog

1) domain & hosting

2) blogging platforms ( wordpress, blogger etc)

3)keyword research

4) blog basic setting

6) blog seo(search engine optimization)

domain & hosting- the first thing is to buy domain & hosting to create your blog you can buy hosting from different hosting provider like bluehost.com, hosgator.com, godaddy, reseller club, siteground etc after buying hosting & domain you can easily set up your blog by installing wordpress with single click from c-panel in hosting. its easy to do setup. wordpress is best blogging platform from where you can start blogging.

blogging platforms- to do blogging you need to select a blogging platform if you are beginner & don't want to spend money on buying your hosting & domain then you can go with blogger.com as its provide you free hosting & also provide free submain blogspot.com ex if you dont buy domain blogger provides free subdomain like www.yourblog.blogspot.com  but you can buy your domain if you want & can connect it with blogger. to know more about step by step instruction on how to create blog using blogger.com you can read how to create free blog on blogger

you can also create blog using wordpress which is based onCMS(content management system) as wordpress is used by many blogger & it is best platform as it has large no of themes & plugins which you can use to create sucessfull blog.

to know more about wordpress,blogger & other blogging platform you can also read different blogging platforms from where you can start blogging.

keywords research- after selecting blogging platfrom & and setup of blog you need to do proper keywords research as before creating blog post you need to find keywords you can use different keywords research tools to find keywords to know more about what are keywords & which are keywords tool you can read how to do keywords research

blog basic setting- after that you need to do proper blog setting like meta description, description, themes, alt text, plugins & widgets setup etc. to know more about basic setting in blogger read this basic setting in blogger

blog seo- it is very necessary to do blog seo as to get traffic to your blog you need to do proper seo of your blog seo means (search engine optimization) which is a free process but it takes time also if you want to get traffic to your blog you can also do SEM(search engine marketing) it is a paid but fast process to rank blog on search engine for that you need to pay to google  you can go to ads.google.com or adword tool to run campaign to know more about what is SEO & SEM  you can also read SEO VS SEM

the above are some steps through which you can create a blog easily in simple way.

so friends meaning of blogger is simple the person who do blogging is know as blogger.

anyone with a good knowledge can be blogger even he or she can become a full time blogger & can start their career in blogging as the bloggers are increasing day by day the opportunities in blogging is increasing and also their is competition  in this field.

you can also do blogging as part time without leaving your job.

many bloggers start blogging for earning purpose but they fail & quit blogging as the blogging is not so easy you need to put regular content & high quality content to rank your blog in search engine.
you need to consider all factors.

blogging means not only to write but to write good quality content the quantity is not so important but good quality content is important the people should get the solution of problem or answer of question which they are searching  in search engine so always try to create good quality & detailed blog post that will help people.

 how bloggers earn??

meaning of blogger is not only blogging but they also earn from their blog.

the easy way to earn from blog is through google adsense as it is most trusted but it is not so easy to get google adsense approved as you have to consider lots of factors before applying your blog for google adsense. but if you have good traffic & your blog is properly design means it is seo friendly blog then you can get adsense approval easily & you can start earning from your blog.
you can also apply for different ads networks like media.net any many more networks

the another way to earn from your blog is through affiliate marketing you can use affiliate links in your blog by joining various affiliate program.

along with this there are also various ways through which you can earn money from your blog that we will discuss in details in another blog post.

we can easily start blogging from home their is lot of knowledge available on internet about blogging.

so friends did you like the blog post about the meaning of blogger if yes then share it with your friends & also comments us regarding this blog post.


create a gmail account

Do you know why gmail account is important & how to create a gmail account for your personal use or business.

So friends in this blog post you will get to learn about how to create gmail account step by step & how to use it & why gmail account is important 

create a gmail account 

➤why gmail account is important??

gmail account can be used to sign up for google products or other services & also through gmail you can recieve messages from other directly in your inbox.

gmail account is very important as it is used to signup for various services & it can be used for personal & as well as for business purpose.

as you have heard about E-mail marketing through which many of business owners or digital marketer do E-mail marketing they ask to signup for their services & when you sign up their services or to recieve their promotional messages you use your gmail account for signingup or to subscribe to get messsages from them directly in your gmail inbox. the above is only example that how we use our gmail account for sign up purpose, to subscribe blogs, to use google products & services etc.

as with a single gmail account we can use many sevices of google & can sign up for various services also using a single gmail account.

creating a gmail account is very easy we can create gmail account in mobile & also in pc.

to create a gmail account you need some basic details like your full name, mobile no, your birth date, username which you can select if it is avaliable.

if you don't have an gmail account then you cannot use any google services or you not able to use various services as to recieve messages to your gmail inbox or to connect with others online it is very important to have an gmail account.

as many services use gmail to contact or to inform any messages they dont contact you directly they use gmail account to connect with you as every thing day by day is changing & most of think has become digital so to connect with other people or to recieve any messages directly to your inbox you must have an gmail account.

gmail account not only used for personal use but it is also used for business purposes as many brands or services use their own business gmail account for contact purpose.

if you see before there was less way for communication & most of thing where offline also the respond time was also low but with time every thing is changed & most of thing now has become digital.

gmail account is very useful & important if you are a student, business owner or in any other profession you must have an gmail account.

so lets discuss how you can create gmail account in simple steps

͎⟾first go to www.gmail.com

to create gmail account you need to go to gmail.

⟾after that click on create new account as shown above when you will click on create new account you will be ask to create for personal or for managing business you can select according to your need.

on clicking on create account there will be 2 options 
1) personal account
2) business managing acccount 

select any one from it & just go ahead


⟾after that a new page will be open as shown above where you need to enter your first name, last name, your username which you want for example jitupati412 @ gmail.com or any other name which you want after that you need to enter the password & also to confirm your password you need to enter passwords one more time after that just click on next.

⟾after clicking on next you will be ask to enter your mobile number,select your country, enter your birth date so that you will recieve an code something like G-here will be no  on your mobile number which you have entered remember to put correct mobile number which is working.

after entering mobile number & selecting country just click on next  and  then you need to accept google terms just tick on it & click on next.

⟾after clicking on next a code will be send by google to your mobile number which you have enter just put that code & click on next & you are now ready to use your gmail account. Congratulations you have created a Gmail account 

how to use gmail

now you can open you gmail account by just login to gmail go to gmail.com enter your gmail id & password & go to your gmail account.

there you can send message to other people by using compose on top left side to send email just click on compose & then enter the email id of person who you want to send mail & just enter message & click on sent.

you can check your inbox & also see different messages in your gmail account.

It's very easy to use Gmail account to send E-mail to various people & you can also receive email from other directly in inbox.

So friends did you like the blog post where I have explained step by step on how to create a Gmail account,how to use it & why Gmail account is important.

Friends do you know the different ways through which you can increase your knowledge to know also read Ways to increase your knowledge


business ideas in india 2020

➤Are you thinking to start your own business in 2020?? want to know which business is good to start in 2020?? then you are at the right place in this blog post i will tell you about business ideas in india 2020 which you can start with low investment & some business with zero investment.

As to start any business you need to first research about it & have to gain proper knowledge about that business and along with it you also need some investment.
As it is not so easy to start business you need to take risk & have to keep patience for further results.

so friends,
here i will tell you about some online & offline business ideas which you can start with little investment or business which you can start with zero investment.

As all of you know that in todays world all the things are becoming digitally and all are using internet in india after jio has come most of people has started using internet and the use of internet is increasing day by day so if you are looking for an business ideas in india in 2020 then an online business is best as you can grow your business globally & can target right audience.

So without wasting time lets discuss about the business ideas which you can start in india in 2020


Tuition classes- if you are thinking to start a business with low investment then you can start tuition classes you need to buy a room at rent for starting tuition classes or if you does not have investment then you can start from home.
you should have a good knowledge so that you can deliver it to students.
for starting tuition classes you dont need  more investment as in starting you can start from home.

the best way to start is if you have good knowledge in any field then you can also start an educational youtube channel and can grow your business digitally.

but the main question is that how you can grow your business??
as in starting you need to start from home & also you need to promote it offline.
you can also make an template & can circulate it in your area so that student which are interested can join the tuition class.


blogging- blogging is best way to earn money online blogging means to write content online its depend on the niche which you have selected.
you can make a blog on different topics first you need to decide topic which you are good in & can write more & more about that topic.
generally blog are of different types
educational blog
product review blog
business blog
fashion blog
travelling blog
there are many platforms from where you can start blogging some of platforms are free but if you want to do blogging for longer time then you need to purchase domain & hosting.
you can buy domain & hosting from various websites like goddady.com, bluehost.com, hostgator etc.

to know more about what is blogging & how to start your own blog in details you can read how to make a blog or website

you can also make a blog for free with zero investment the best way to make a blog is by using google most trusted platform blogger.com as blogger.com offers free hosting & subdomain which you can use & can make a blog for free.

another best way to create blog is by using wordpress in which you need to buy hosting & domain.

blogging is best way to earn money online but you need to keep patience & have to do continous improvement in your blog or website & have to write good quality content regularly.

you can also start blogging as full time career to know more about blogging you can also read what is a blog but here the main question is how you can earn from your blog??

the best two ways to earn from your blog is by placing ads in your blog by using google adsense you can earn money & the other way is through affiliate marketing.

to earn money from your blog the main point is you should have a good monthly traffic in your blog
to get more traffic to your blog you need to do proper seo(search engine optimization) of your blog to know more what is seo you can also read what is seo & sem

the other way to get more traffic to your blog is by sharing your blog in social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

Reselling business- this is the most trending business in india as it does not require any investment you can start reselling business as part time also & if you are doing job then also you can start reselling business as part time. you can start reselling business from home. there are many apps nowadays which help you to start your own reselling business with zero investment as the app like meesho, shop101, glowroad etc are the most trending app in india.

it is based on dropshipping concept all the think just you need to do is to sell their products using social media platforms & you can set your own margin & can earn easily.

the shipping of the products are handle by the company itself only the think you want to do is to sell products to customers.

now the question is how you will get the customers so that you can sell them products?? for that you need to learn how to sell online & ways through which you can sell products online to know the different ways of selling products online you can also read ways to sell products online

you can get orders in beginning by selling the products to your friends & relatives.

investment-zero                           risk- very low                                   future-high 

T-shirt printing business- as the demand of t-shirts is very high most of people nowadays wears different design of t-shirts so this business idea will be more profitable in 2020 in india

 you can start T-shirt printing business from home all you need to do is to buy a T-shirt printing machine & along with this you need to buy plain t-shirts, teflon sheets, you will also need a computer & color printer, sublimation  paper, iron tape etc.

to start t-shirt printing business you will need a high investment the overall cost to start this business may be more than 40 thousand rupees.

you can start printing t-shirt from home & can sell it to the local market to make a different design you can use photoshop software.

you can also sell printed t-shirt online on amazon, flipkart etc.

you can promote your business online to increase more customers.

to get more information about the prices of t-shirt printing machine & other raw materials you can also search in indianmart website where you can buy machine & raw materials in low price.

Youtube channel- if you want to start a business with less investment then you can open an youtube channel. this is also a best way to earn money online
you can open an youtube channel on different topics first you need to decide niche or topic in which you have good knowledge for example if you have good knowledge & experience in digital marketing then you can open an youtube channel & can share knowledge related to digital marketing topics.
its very simple to create youtube channel just go to youtube.com & click on sign in on top right side & you can create your youtube channel & further you can also earn by youtube by connecting your channel with google adsense.
To gain more visitors to your youtube channel you have to use proper title, description & keywords you have to use less competition keywords.

investment- low                      risk-low                                   future- very high 

dropshipping- this business is trending dropshipping requires no inventory  means you need to focus only on selling the shipping process is done by company itself to open your own online store you can use shopify you can import the product to shopify store.
you can also use magento to open free online store & can start earning easily.

investment- medium           risk- medium                              future-high

digital marketing institute- if you have an good knowledge in digital marketing then you can open your own instiute or small office where you can teach digital marketing if you do not have good knowledge then you can also hire digital marketer teacher but it requires investment in intial stage
if you do not have more investment then you can start your blog or can open an youtube channel & can share your knowledge in blog or youtube channel & can increase your customers.

investment require- high
future- very high 

mobile reparing shop- if you have investment then you can open your own mobile reparing shop & can also sell different mobiles but you need investment to open an mobile reparing shop & the risk is also very high.

franchise- if you have investment then you can take franchise of different company & can earn good profit you can take franchise of amul or any other reputed company any can earn high profit.
if you are in india then you can also open an patanjali store & can earn good money.

investment: high
risk: medium
future: high

food center- if you are thinking to earn good profit then you can open an nasta house center where you can sell different items like samosa, dabeli, bhel etc.

Tiffen service: you can start tiffen service from home you can give home made food in your local area who are in need of tiffen service & can earn good profit it is the best way to start tiffen service business from home with low investment.

kids wear selling- if you are thinking to earn high profit & long time sustainable business ideas in india in 2020 then you can start selling kids wear you can buy kids wear at wholesale price & can sell it to the customers but you will require a space for it to sell kids wear. you can buy a space at rent in starting & can start your business further you can also sell kids wear online
to sell kids wear online you can also make your own E-commerce website or you can also make an app if you dont know how to make an E-commerce website or app then you can hire an app developer.

investment-high                      risk-medium                         business future- high

so friends these where some offline & online business ideas which you can start in india in 2020 i will keep updating this post & will add some more business ideas.


How to download whatsapp

Hello friends!!

Do you use whats-app?? want to know about how to download whatsapp  in this blog post you will get to learn the below topics.

➡️how to download whats-app??

➡️how to use whats-app??

➡️how to sell products through whats-app??

➡️what is whats-app business app??

first lets discuss about what is whatsapp??

whatsapp is a app which is used for chatting, connecting with your friends, relatives. you can also join different groups in whatsapp & can make more friends.
you can also make a call through whatsapp.

so lets discuss about how to download whatsapp

for downloading whatsapp in your android you need to go to playstore.

how to download whatsapp

➡️Go to playstore in android mobile & search for whatsapp messenger.

how to install whatsapp

➡️After searching for whatsapp messenger in playstore as shown above the whatsapp app will be there just click on it.

➡️after that install option will be available just click on install & accept.

➡️clicking on accept the whatsapp will start downloading.

➡️after downloading the whatsapp you need to go to app & need to enter your mobile number & have to select the country.

➡️by entering your mobile number an OTP is send to the mobile number you need to enter the otp & have to verify your number.

➡️after this you can start using whatsapp its very easy you can also add contacts in whatsapp.

how to use whatsapp

whatsapp is very easy to use you can chat with your friends & family you can add them in your contacts.

the good think is that you can also join different groups through which you can learn a lot of things ex:some groups are for education, for buying products, learning english etc. through whatsapp you can learn lots of things the whatsapp has become common for everyone. it has lots of features which you can use.

➡️you can also use stickers in whatsapp.

➡️you can upload status.

➡️you can make own group & add other people to it.

➡️you can video call through whatsapp

➡️you can create a broadcast group

➡️you can send images & files through whatsapp

➡️you can also send voice message through whatsapp

how to sell products through whatsapp

selling products is not so easy you need to target right audience in order to get more sales you also need to provide good quality to your customers.

you can also sell your products through whatsapp as if you have lot of friends & family on whatsapp you can easily sell products to them now the question you all will have that how to sell through whatsapp??

the easy way is to create a group  in whatsapp making group is very easy in whatsapp you just need to go to the right top in app where you will get an option of new group there you can further add your friends & family to your group you can also give a name to that group. 

to get more customers you can also share your whatsapp group link to facebook & other social media platforms.

you can also make broadcast group in whatsapp and can add as many as people to that broadcast group.

the next way to sell your product through whatsapp is by uploading status you can use product images & can upload it in status.

you can also join different products selling whatsapp group & can sell your products.

as whatsapp is used by every one so you can easily sell products through whatsapp. you can also sell products through whatsapp business app that we will discuss later in this post. 

whatsapp is easy to use as you can connect with your friends and also can chat with them.

in whatsapp you can also add two-step-verification you just need to go in the setting option & there you can easily add two-step-verification

like whatsapp there are many other apps also through which you can connect with your friends & can start chatting with them. other apps like telegram, facebook  messenger etc.

what is whatsapp business app

whatsapp business app is also very good for selling products as its has more features then normal whatsapp through whatsapp business app you can use for business purpose as it will be an business mobile number.

the good think in whatsapp business app is that you can set an automatic message as when any customer will send message to you the automatic typed message will be send to the customers as you are not available all time so you can set an automatic type message in whatsapp business app.

whatsapp business app is very good for business persons as it has more features as compared to normal whatsapp.

whatsapp is best app for communication & chatting with friends & family.

So friends I hope that this post about how to download whatsapp and how to sell products through whatsapp will help you all.

if you have any query then you can contact me through the contact form which is provided in this website.

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